Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday is Veggie Day!

That's my picture of the vegetable/fruit box that came today. I think I got everything in the picture, although the tomato is hiding behind the lettuce. A local farm delivers boxes of organic veggies to your house once a week. You don't get to pick what you get, but they post the weeks "menu" on the Friday before your delivery, so you know what to expect. This "grab bag" of veggies has forced us to try things we've never had before and also keeps us eating more fruit and vegetables than we ever did. Most of the fruit/veg is pretty seasonal. In the winter we tend to get more oranges than we can eat. Summer brings peaches, apricots, cherries and lots of other wonderful things. Based on what we got last year, I expect to see some asparagus and kale in the near future. Honestly, until we started this delivery, I would never have even thought of eating kale. Occasionally we get something that I either don't want or just don't get around to eating before it goes bad. I'm trying not to let that happen too often. I've learned to make stir fry when I'm getting overwhelmed by veggies. Last year, my neighbor and I would trade each other for the things that we wanted, she hates zuchinni and I am not fond of asparagus. With each box that they deliver, they include a newsletter that tells a little about what is going on at the farm, gives some info about some of the more unusual items, and a recipe that uses these items. This weeks recipe is for Potato Mushroom Leek Soup. Tomorrow's dinner! I've made leek and potato soup, but never included mushrooms, so we'll se how it goes. Hopefully the kids will eat it and I won't get too many complaints.
Leslie... That smaller orange is a minneola. Mom... I don't mind not picking out my own produce because, for the most part, everything I get looks pretty good. Occasionally, I do have to go out and buy something that wasn't included in the box. This week I bought an onion and some carrots at the store.

As for price... I've never tried to compare, but in this week's newsletter they say that they went out and checked prices at two of the local grocery stores and found that the home delivery prices were about $.30-.35 less per item. I'll take their word for it. Besides, it comes to my door. How cool is that?!


Leslie said...

good morning sister and thanks for the clarification. I would love to have it come to my door like that and i can not wait to hear how the soup goes.

Liz said...

The vegetables look delish! I'm trying to eat healthier, so I have been eating lots of carrots and peppers and oranges etc.... yum... you should post the recipe for the soup - for your potato & leek soup... I'd love to try my hand at it.
Luv ya!

djsander92 said...

Veggies...I remember those. It's the stuff that goes on top of pizza in between the pepperonis, right? Just kidding....we don't seem to have much in the way of organic produce here in DC. Then again I haven't looked too hard. I'll let you know when I find some.