Sunday, April 27, 2008

Julia's horse show

Julia finally got her turn to compete in a horse show this weekend. She did so well, as did her pony, Akuna. There was a lot of competition in her division, twelve or more in most of her classes, and she was one of the younger ones competing, but she managed to get a ribbon in every class. If she were right here by me, she'd be able to remind me what ribbons she got, but I believe she received two seconds, two thirds, two fifths, and a sixth. That sounds about right. The video is of her cross rails equitation class in which she placed second. Go Julia!!

Quincy was in this show as well, but we didn't take any pictures... sorry, Quincy! She did an amazing job and the judge really seemed to like her. Quincy won high point in her division (2'3") with three firsts, two seconds, and two fifths. Sadly, we think that this will be our last show in Washington State. We'll miss Dandee and Akuna and all of our barn/show friends.


Grammie/Mom said...

Julia, we are so proud of you!! You cleaned up with ribbons! yea!!! Quincy, it seems you did the same! Amazing! We are very proud of you also!

Leslie said...

julia and Quincy, congrats and fantastic job to both of you!!!

bob said...

excellent ride Julia. Very proud of you and Quincy for your riding skills. Hope I can see it live someday. It must take a lot of rain to grow flowers like at the flower show. Good picture taking Julia.