Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Roman art from the Louvre

Grant and Quincy's history class took a field trip to the Seattle Art Museum to check out the Roman art exhibit. It was one of the few times I've been on a docent led tour of an exhibit. The tour was nice, but they wouldn't let us take pictures, so I found these online.

This guy was one of my favorites. I just like how real he looked.

This mosaic was another favorite. It was amazingly intricate and had lots of birds and lizards and other such things portrayed on it. Unfortunately, the picture doesn't do it justice.

After we were done with the tour, we wandered around looking at some of the other exhibits. Grant was not overly impressed with the modern art exhibits. As he walked into one of the modern art rooms, he said very loudly, "Is this art?" Ha! Honestly, if I can replicate it with some degree of accuracy, it's just not art.

I was surprised at how small the museum was. Unless, they have another wing hidden somewhere, the Seattle Art Museum did not have nearly as many exhibits as some of the other museums we have visited elsewhere, so I was a little disappointed. Can't wait to get back to the east coast so we can visit some of the many great museums in New York and D.C.


Leslie said...

what a fun way to spend a day. I would love to check out some things in Seattle. I like the one you liked...he looked like a real person.

margie said...

Colleen, I will try to send a comment again. Tell the children I have been reading all of their blogs and have enjoyed them immensely. I just have trouble making my comments get through. I am computer illiterate!!

Colleen said...

Well, Margie, you managed to get this comment through, so you aren't as computer illiterate as you think! Glad you are out there checking in on the kids.