Friday, April 18, 2008

Snow again!!!!!!!!!

Well, I hope all of you on the east coast are enjoying your 80 degree weather! It has been snowing all day long and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. Jodi, Danielle, and I were planning on having a yard sale tomorrow, but canceled it when we heard the weather reports. I can't imagine we'd have many people coming out to look at our junk in this kind of weather. It's sooooo cold!!!

These pictures were taken during the one short lull that we had in the snow. As I type this, the snow is coming down in buckets.


Grammie/Mom said...

Oh my gosh!!! What a surprise I bet. We did enjoy the 80+ degrees today. The flowering bushes really popped and the dandelions are really roaring. Tomorrow will be a bit cooler I think...but no snow. Colleen, I'm going to have to find a picture this blog reminded me of and post it. It will have to be tomorrow though. Julia, you're looking real cute!!

Leslie said...

oh my goodness you poor poor thing! That is a lot of snow.

Dan said...

Hey Julia, what's so great about sunshine anyway? I think it's overrated. You should be happy about the snow...just look what it's done for the Burgermeister. Doesn't he look happy! Sun is hereby cancelled by order of the is proper.