Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Nationals Day Three... final day!

Today was the last day of Quincy's first "A" show. We're tired and glad that we are done, but also a little sad too. It was a lot of fun. Quincy had three classes today, all of them over fences. She placed eighth in one of her hunter rounds and seventh in her equitation round, both out of seventeen riders. We're especially pleased with the equitation round. (They judge that round mainly on Quincy's riding ability, the way she looks, her position, etc... the other rounds are more of a combination of Quincy and Dandee.) Speaking of Dandee... There she is just below. Julia took that picture and funnily, that is the very look Dandee always gives Julia, a kind of quiet patience with that strange, small human. Isn't she pretty. We are going to miss her when we move.

I don't suppose any amount of pressure can keep a girl from making faces at her sister.
I would say that this was the face Quincy made when she saw the roll back in her EQ class, but I really think Quincy welcomed the change from simple straight lines and she did the roll back beautifully.


Grammie/Mom said...

Congratulations Quincy on a job well done!!!! We are so very proud of you. Dandee seems pleased as well!! Colleen, thanks for keeping us up to date. I really looked forward to reading about the show and seeing the pictures.

Leslie said...

Quincy...great job!!! What a great shot of Dandee Julia!!! We are so glad to know how this went for you.

Leslie said...

the face of a champion...i mean you Quincy not Dandee!!!!