Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Julia's blog about the lighthouse

We went to the Point Arena lighthouse because I had never seen a lighthouse up close before and I thought it might be fun if we went to see a lighthouse.
I went in there and went to the very top. It was awesome. We went up high and we saw the ocean. In the lighthouse, we saw the light bulbs. There were only two little bulbs with a big, green, glass dome around them.
It was very cold and windy at the lighthouse, but I was glad that I went.
by Julia


Grammie/Mom said...

Thank you Julia for your lighthouse post. The only lighthouse I've been in is in Maine. It's called Prospect Harbor Lighthouse. Daddy and Mommy know where it is. Do you remember it when we were all on vacation together?

Leslie said...

i like the top 2 picshrs AND i love the PICSHRS OF HTE OCEAN-Avery