Saturday, June 7, 2008

Julia's Choir and Recorder Recital

For the last eight weeks, Julia has been taking recorder and choir classes. Tonight they were able to "show off" all of their hard work.
They sang a medley of Disney songs and were encouraged to dress up. Julia went as Lilo from Lilo and Stitch. Her friend kept asking where Stitch was... I should have pointed her toward Grant!


Leslie said...

WOW, "Lilo", great job!!!! I hope that sometime soon we are going to get to see you play the recorder as well.

Elizabeth said...

Great Job Julia!!! I really enjoyed the video, and you looked like you were having a BLAST! :) I can't wait to hear you play something on the recorder!

margie said...

I lost my comment blog again. I thought I had this figured out.Let me try again

margie said...

Let's see if I get thru this time. I don't like to write anything too long because it may get zapped.
Anyway, I saw the 3 latest blogs.
I liked Julie's outfit for the choir.Quincy looked elegant, as usual. I love you both. Grandma sander