Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to the Book Fair

When we lived in West Virginia, one of my favorite things to do was to travel over the mountain to the Green Valley Book Fair. They are only open six times a year for two week stretches, so it was kind of exciting, like Christmas. Also like Christmas, you never know what you'll get. They always have new books to look at and they are CHEAP!
Mom, Dad, Quincy, Julia and I spent hours poring over the titles and choosing the many books that we wanted to take home. I had to practice a little restraint, because I could have bought sooo much more.

I bought these art books to add to my collection and supposedly to teach the kids.

Quincy picked out these cookbooks. Now if we could just figure out how to make our oven work properly, she could bake some of these.

Some non-fiction reading that caught my eye. I probably wouldn't have bought them at regular price, but for three bucks, why not?

Twinkies and Martha Washington... perfect together. That Twinkie book looks frightening.

Some fiction reading.

Julia picked out several readers and a couple of Mr. Men books. Quincy was thrilled with the selection and the fact that I pretty much let her buy anything she wanted. I imagine that we'll go back again before Christmas.


Leslie said...

well, you can survive any disaster as long as you have twinkies, right? That is quite a lot of books.

Elizabeth said...

Haha I just thought of the twinkie that WallE has in the movie - virtually indestructable :P And these books look like so much fun... I remembergoing to that book fair when we visited you once in WV

Quincy said...