Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mom's are interesting

All of my kids are getting so big.
When we were at Hershey Park, Julia tried out a couple of kiddie rides only to find out that they weren't as thrilling as they used to be. She was the oldest child on this swing ride and said that she felt a little silly.
My baby is growing up, but sometimes she says something that reminds me that she's still little and cute.
Yesterday, she was at the computer finding cute pictures for her latest collage. I was beside her, focused on a project that I was working on. She kept drawing my attention to what she was doing and after a while, I gave her the "Mmhmm, that's nice sweetie..." treatment. At one time, I answered, "I see that." as I was looking down at my paper. She paused and then said,
"Mom's are interesting. You know why? They can see things while they are seeing other things. That's why I think it will be cool to be a Mom."
Ohhhhhh, so cute. She's still little. And now I have to remember that, because she won't be little for long and I need to "see" things without looking at other things. I need to pay more attention before she gets all big and teenagery like some others around here.


Grammie/Mom said...

That was a very nice observation on her part. You're right about the "paying more attention" while young. They do grow up so fast! I've spent some time remembering things about all 4 of you, mostly about delivering you and first days home. I wish I had a photographic memory or video so I could go back and revisit EVERY single moment of time with you all.

Elizabeth said...

This just reminds me that Olivia is going to grow up faster than I know I'll want her to. Before I know it she will be in Kindergarten. *sigh*

Colleen said...

First she has to be born!

Elizabeth said...

yeah tell her that lol.... well i was on my feet for the last 4 hours sooooo maybe that inspired her - probably not though hahaha. She's definitely on her own time.

Leslie said...

awww, you are so sweet and sentimental. YOu make a good point.. i think i said, "uh huh i see that" while looking at something else just today.