Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hurry, Mouse! By Grant Michael Sander

Hurry, Mouse!
By Grant Michael Sander

Be careful, Mouse,
And watch your back,
Or you’ll get eaten
By that cat!

The cat has seen you,
Furry, little Mouse!
Run for your life!
He’s about to pounce!

Cute, little Mouse!
Into your house!

If you don’t make it,
You will be killed.
The feline will eat you;
Your blood will be spilled!

The mouse was scared
While he was chased.
But he crawled in the wall,
And he won the race.

“You win this time,”
Meowed the cat,
“But next time you’re mine!
I’ll eat you for lunch,
Your flesh I will munch,
Your bones I will crunch!”


Leslie said...

that is talent right there!!! Good job Grant.

Elizabeth said...

Grant, you are a man of many talents. This poem was fantastic. And now you gave me something to Blog about other than Olivia... THANKS!

Grammie/Mom said...

You're a poet and a pianist! Kuddos, kiddo!! xxoo