Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Julia the photographer

Our next stop was Aunt Leslie's house. Julia took the picture of the sky as we were driving there. The NY countryside was beautiful with so many trees beginning to turn color. The weather was perfect too.
Avery was more than happy to pose for Julia.
This lovely picture of mushrooms was taken when Leslie and I took Julia to the farmer's market. Julia took so many perfect, artistic pictures of the different fruits, vegetable, breads and flowers that were for sale. I couldn't wait to put them all on the blog. Unfortunately, the camera/computer did a very odd thing and almost all the pictures were deleted!!!!! I nearly cried. I'm still in mourning for them. So sad.


Grammie/Mom said...

That is horrible...losing the pictures!! The others here are very good Jules!! Keep up the good work. Miss you already guys.

Leslie said...

maybe they are still there...chris can help. I have "lost" pictures before but they turned out to still be there...should i have him call?! Oh no!