Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kevin's Birthday

Look at that little man. Isn't he cute?
Oh, but he's all grown up now.
Kevin's 16th birthday was last week. He spent the day in his typical way, playing video games, but this time he had his friend Fray over to join in the game play.

Kate and I sang sixteen candles loudly and terribly as we lit the candles.
He's sixteen, he's beautiful and he's ours! :oP


Leslie said...

a little belated...but happy birthday again Kevin....i would sing you our song but i think you would be embarrassed.

Grammie/Mom said...

Kevin, as you know, this family extends birthdays for quite a while sometimes. ;0) We have something for you but someone(me) has to get their act together and mail it. I promise you won't have to wait until Thanksgiving!! xxoo

Elizabeth said...

Gotta love the willson way of gift giving HAHA Happy birthday again Kev. OHH and I just realized how much he looks like dan in that bottom picture. Amazing how he can be little Fred too haha