Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A photo safari in NYC

When Leslie and I took the little girls to New York City, we thought it would be fun to let them have the cameras and go on a photo safari. Our list of things to find included a taxi...
(I love that she caught someone getting out.)

A tall building...
How about the Empire State Building?

A traffic light
A street sign with a number in it
Julia added the don't walk sign to her list.
A street vendor
This vendor offered to pose with the girls.
(We were such tourists!)

A cool store.
This one sold yummy chocolates, but what intrigued us most were the amazing decorations.
A pigeon
Julia added the flags to her list.
A manhole cover... they were everywhere!

An old building

It was fire safety day at Rockefeller Center, so Julia added these fire vehicles...
and this fireman.
(I wonder what he would think of that picture! :o)

A limo wasn't on the list, but Julia was awfully excited about it.
It was so long, she couldn't get the whole thing in the frame.
And, finally, a construction site.
We thought that we would walk up to Central Park, so we added a horse and a street performer to our list, but we spent so much time at the American Girl store, that we never made it up there. While I'm pretty sure that we spent exactly the right amount of time in the city with two little girls (they were just getting tired as we were heading back to Grand Central), I still wish that we had more time. There are too many things to see and do there. I've already promised the other kids that they will get their turn in the city too, so I expect that we'll be back before long.

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