Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Help! Christmas exploded!

It's all over the place!
I don't care what the little Who's in Whoville think, my Christmas can't come without ribbons.
I could have used a few tags. But there are plenty of packages, boxes and bags

It's the "Bominable"... he's here too.

Even Beethoven gets festive at this time of year.

The craft table is overflowing with goodies for you.

Grant and Julia were elves, tho' there are no pointy ears.

I love when Christmas explodes!
Merry Christmas!


Elizabeth said...

Your tree is beautiful! Oh and I love that Beethoven is festive. I am working on some of my xmas gifts right now too... How's that sewing machine working out for you?

Colleen said...

Once I find my bobbins, I'll let you know.

Leslie said...

look at that super huge tree!!! looks nice Col

Colleen said...

That super huge tree is the one that you gave me before you left WA. Ummmm... I have too many ornaments for it. Is it time to declutter Christmas? Ouch.

Leslie said...

i guess you that picture on your header one that Avery and Julia took in my "old" backyard?

Grammie/Mom said...

It all looks very festive. I'm in the process of Christmas decluttering. Can you think of anything I have that you might want? I'm going to split some things up 4 ways. I can't say you'll get what you ask for because I'm just doing a "little" decluttering. :o)