Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Quick Snapshot

We've been keeping ourselves pretty busy here with all the Christmas preparations. I've finally broken out Beth's sewing machine and it has been holding up well. (I'm always afraid that they'll break... I'm terrible on sewing machines.) I've made some headway on all the handmade Christmas gifts and feel pretty good about it, but there are a couple of big projects still hanging over my head. Hopefully, I'll be able to get those done soon. (Crossing fingers!) I haven't had much time to take pictures, so Julia has taken over. This is what she sees...

Lots and lots of me at the sewing machine. (This is a little sneak peek for one of you.)

We went to Cracker Barrel the other day and Julia found these snowman glasses to add to our collection.

Our miniature Christmas village. Grant and Julia take turns setting it up differently every day.

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Grammie/Mom said...

I like these pics of the day. The village is cute. I'm going to have to put mine up tomorrow...maybe.