Thursday, December 25, 2008

Silent Blog... Now with words!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas eve started with a nativity put on by the children of the church that we've been attending.  Julia was a shepherd.  Grant was the innkeeper.  He had two lines and performed them with conviction.  There was NO room at the inn!
This was the first Christmas that we've attended at our new church, and as you know, each church approaches things in their own way, so when they handed out candles to the adults and Glow sticks to the children, the kids hadn't been pre-warned about proper glow stick/church behavior.  For a brief moment, Grant and Julia turned "Silent Night" into "Star Wars Revenge".  Well... they did look like mini light sabers, so what's a kid to do.  They were much better behaved when I traded my candle for one of their glow sticks.  The responsibility of holding an actual flame calmed them down.  
This was the scene in the car on our way home.  Mini light sabers swinging all over the place.

Grant and Julia modeling their Christmas eve jammies.
Here Quincy is checking out her gift from Julia, Christmasopoly. 
Julia is holding up the gift that Quincy made for her, a little sock doll.
This may be one of Kevin's favorite gifts... chips ahoy and cream soda from Quincy.
An erector set to keep Grant busy.
Quincy playing with Julia's lap harp, the worlds easiest instrument.  We've all taken turns with it and found that we are all amazing musicians!

Grant and Julia had grown out of their old bikes so new ones were in order.  Rather than putting them beside the tree, we hid them elsewhere.  
After all the presents were opened, I looked at Grant and sternly reminded him that he didn't get his chores done earlier and needed to finish the laundry.  His face dropped.  "But it's Christmas!", he said.
"But there's laundry to do and you didn't get it done yesterday.", I replied. 
He shuffled off to the laundry room, opened the door and stood there trying to figure out how to get past the bike to empty the dryer.  I could practically hear his confusion.  It wasn't until I started laughing that the light bulb went off and he said, "OH!!! a bike!!" and started laughing at himself!
I love that kid.


Leslie said...

happy christmas fambily

Elizabeth said...

looks like your Christmas was great! :D Merry Christmas xoxo

Grammie/Mom said...

Merry Day after Christmas to all and to all a good night.