Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finally... a Snowy Day!

While so many of our friends and family have been inundated with snow this year, we have barely seen ten flakes fall from the sky and certainly no accumulation. So, yesterday, we finally got enough snow for the kids to get out and play. The snow wasn't quite right for snowmen, although the kids did try, but it was perfect for snow angels and throwing at one another and generally rolling in it.
I took the opportunity to take a picture of one of my favorite needle felting projects. Isn't he cute!

While the kids were outside, I played a little more with the roving and came up with this little pumpkin. It's just about 3/4 in. high and very cute. I'm gathering quite a collection of random felted items that I don't really have plans for. (I also made a heart, a ladybug and a bluebird this weekend, but their pictures didn't turn out well.)


Leslie said...

oh man those are cute...i love love love the cardinal..

Elizabeth said...

i love them! and the cardinal pic is so cute! I wish you guys could have all the snow cuz i certainly dont want it lol

Grammie/Mom said...

Snow, snow, go away...oh, wrong precipitation. I've had it with Winter. The driveway is one big skating rink. Your little woolies are cute. Make lots, I might need one or two for somewhere in the house. ;0)