Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday Science Experiments

Over a week ago, the kids and I studied volcanoes and built these models out of paper mache, but we didn't get to the eruption until today. Honestly, no matter how many times we do this, the kids never get tired of mixing baking soda with vinegar.
However, the coolest vinegar based science experiment was one that my sister told me about while we were talking on the phone. Simply put an egg in vinegar and watch the results. Well, that sounded easy enough.

The kids watched as the eggs were encased with millions of tiny bubbles, so many that the egg almost looked fuzzy. After an hour or so, the eggs began to float. Within a couple of hours, the eggshells started to feel soft and slimy and not long after that, we noticed a crack or two in the shells. We were excited to see the acid in the vinegar eating away at the shell.

Grant also learned that if you put your hands in vinegar and proceed to shake the vinegar off, drops of said vinegar might fling into ones eyes which then causes much tearing and pain.
Acids deserve respect.

Overnight, the egg's shell had totally dissolved leaving only the outer membrane. So cool!

We could squeeze it and bounce it and generally gross people out with it. Tons of FUN!

Julia would like to sleep with it, but I have discouraged that.

Grant would like to throw.... ACK!!!! Julia just dropped her egg!!!

Oh what a mess....

Got to take a picture.

I kind of saw that coming.
The kids think the yolk looks like a little egg man.
Guess that spot on my floor will get a lot cleaner now.