Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just hanging around the house

Even though this was a long weekend, we didn't really do much other than hang out around the house, but I wanted to blog something, what was there to talk about?
I pulled the memory card our of the camera and found exactly three pics that were taken this weekend.
This one is of Grant and Julia testing out our new LR chair. It was a very generous hand-me-down from Dan's friend, Pat. Thank you! The chair has an identical twin that is currently residing in my bedroom. Both chairs were needed and will get lots of use.

And this... is Jimmy.
Julia came into the kitchen and said "Hi, Mom." in her lowest voice.
I guess when all we are doing is hanging out at home, the kids find things to keep themselves busy.
She may be wearing Grant's clothing, but she looks so much like Kevin did at that age.


Leslie said...

those two are really funny!! love the new chair....and Julia really does look like Kevin, but really she looks like that with her hair down too.

Elizabeth said...

Im thinking that I love this picture of Julia and i want a chair like that

Grammie/Mom said...

So where's the third picture? Thanks for sharing them. I'm in need of comfy chairs too.