Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, Leslie, I guess these pics are for you.
As far as I can tell, almost no one else is looking at the blog.
The kids and I tried out this metallic easter egg paint. It was messy, but it did make some cool looking eggs. If only I could figure out the magic formula that makes the egg shells easier to peel. We had a stubborn batch this year.
I like this picture because everyone is smiling...

But I like this one because you can see all of Quincy's outfit and her CUTE shoes!
Natalie helped her pick out the outfit. I was more than happy to hand Q some money and tell her to shop on her own, I'd have died if I had to spend all those hours at the mall!!

Love this action shot!

That's Abby, Natalie's sister with Quincy. The whole Jamison family came over for Easter dinner. It was nice. I was glad to have more than just Dan and the kids to cook for and the kids all get along so well.


Chris said...

Colleen, I'm still out here too, but I don't usually comment since I read your blog from Google Reader.


Colleen said...

Hi, Chris!! Thanks for making me feel better!

Grammie/Mom said...

I'm reading it all the time but usually at work. I can't comment from there because I forgot my password. My hint for shelling the eggs is to not use the freshest eggs. Buy them a week or more before you boil them. I read that quite a while ago. I like the smiley picture too.

Leslie said...

well it appears that the rest of the readers beat me to the chase...i love her outfit and Julia's very 'Julie' sundress....Grant's braces smile kills me...i am glad you all had fun with Natalie's family. Can't wait to see you and slurp down some milkshakes with Grant

Anonymous said...

I read it all the time. Glad you have it, at least I can see what I have missed in watching the kids grow up. They are so big now.

Love ya all :)


Elizabeth said...

i too read your blog - sorry i dont comment as much as i used to - usually i have a squirmy olivia trying to climb all over me. but oh my goodness i love the easter pic of the kids all smiling... i promise im gonna come see you guys soon :D