Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthday Activities

Julia opted to start her day at IHOP. Yum!!
I'll never complain about not having to make a meal, so off we went.

After IHOP, Julia opened presents. We've gotten into the habit of opening presents early in the day so they have lots of time to play with their new toys.

We've recently realized that most of our Disney movies are on VHS which means that Julia hasn't seen lots of them. So we are starting to buy them on DVD in order to make sure that Julia has a complete Disney education. How does one live without knowing the "Bear Necessities?"

You should see the cute little accessories that came with the sewing/craft table!
Oh so tiny!

In the afternoon, we went roller skating for a loooooong time!
Julia also discovered skee ball. Loves it!


Elizabeth said...

Funnnn!!! I love how she almost forgot to blow out the candles on the cake in the last video :P

Looks like you had a fantastic day, Julia! (((hugggssss)))

[verification word = spotimpo] Sounds like Squanto's cousin lol

Grammie/Mom said...

I missed the videos the first time I read the post. It seems you all had a fun time. What a great day for you Julia!!