Monday, May 18, 2009

Girls night with Brandi Carlile

I took the girls down to Richmond last week for a Brandi Carlile concert in the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. It was an amazing venue, the place was beautiful and the concert was AWESOME!
I picked Quincy up from school and beat a hasty retreat south on 95 before the rush hour traffic hit. We made it there with 10 mins to spare before the gates opened, so we were pretty thrilled to get a good spot on the lawn not more than 30yds from the stage.

Grant was not interested, so this is how he spent the entire concert.

Before the concert began and after we had been sitting on the lawn for a while, the girls asked if it would be okay for them to sit on the stairs which were just 10 feet in front of the stage.

I stayed with Grant for about half a song after Brandi came out, but I could see the back of the girls and could tell they were having a blast but I wanted to see them, so I joined them up front.

The concert was fantastic. The look on my girls faces was priceless!

We sang along with all of the songs and when people started dancing, we joined in.

We did NOT want the party to end, but I suppose no one can sing forever.

Look how close we were!!


Leslie said...

that is so stinking cool...i wish i was there....Julia could have hopped up on stage and sang with her you were so close. Did she get a hair cut?

Grammie/Mom said...

How fun!! I know Beth was drooling. She told me about the phone call you made to her during one of Brandi's songs.

Elizabeth said...

jealous jealous jealous jealous jealous!!! Thanks for the phone call... it made my night. I need to see Brandi in concert again.

Colleen said...

It was incredibly'll be hard to top that experience even at another Brandi Carlile concert.
Beth, that song is one of her new ones from the album that comes out in the fall. We heard it last year too. It's a really good one.