Monday, July 27, 2009

Day trip into DC

Dan took us into DC this weekend so we could tour the Pentagon and the Capitol. Before going into the Pentagon, we stopped at the 9/11 memorial. Grant and Julia were so little that they really didn't remember anything about 9/11 so we spent a lot of time explaining and re-living that day.

The memorial is basically a bunch of benches (one for each person that died), but the amount of thought that went into the placement of all of them was incredible. They put so much meaning into the angle, direction and distance between benches. It was all very interesting.

Each bench had a name on it. If you were reading the name and facing the sky, that person was on the plane. If you were facing the Pentagon, then that person was in the building at the time . Dan took us into the building and we wandered around through the various exhibits in all of the hallways. In the rebuilt area where the plane had hit, were memorial quilts and a chapel. In the other areas were some cool displays by each branch of the military.

After the Pentagon, we took the metro over to the capitol.

This is the rotunda.

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Leslie said...

you are so good at being a tourist in your own town. these are great pictures, that is a beautiful memorial...i would love to see the quilts