Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ghosts of costumes past

Sewing this years costumes made me think about the many costumes that we have put together over the years.
In 2003 our costumes were not for Halloween, but for the "State Dinner" that we attended at Fray's house.

Kevin the emperor of Kevtasia.
(That is juice in his glass!)

Julia, Princess of Pinkbiana
I amazed myself by doing an overlay of lace and putting in a zipper.
I still don't know how I did that!

Quincy, Empress of Palais du Rose
The strands of pearls were hand sewn by my very wonderful friend, K.

Grant, the Emperor of Grantland.
His costume was put together out of old ladies jackets, a table cloth and a sailor hat that K turned into an amazing work of art befitting an Emperor.

Our church had a Halloween Halle-zoo-jah!
The kids were to dress like zoo animals, so we ventured into face painting and made a...

That poncho top got much wear after Halloween. I love a costume that is usable in real life.
I love the way we did her hair to make the little knobby things that giraffes have on their heads.
What are they anyway?

A lion... I love an easy costume!

A paint horse (although many people thought she was a cow.)

And, the Crocodile Hunter! Easy peasy!


A cowgirl, a fairy, Darth Vader and a gentleman ghost.
The ghost was simply a window sheer with a fake mustache and hat. He saw fairly well through the sheer when he was inside, but it was more difficult in the dark. So the girls ended up escorting both, the ghost and darth vader up and down steps and over any tricky obstacles. I think they did pretty well, since no one got hurt.


Julia recycled the princess dress for a party, but on Halloween night she was a hula girl.

We had a theme... A Hawaiian tourist, a monkey on vacation, a hula girl and...
Abraham Lincoln.
Little known fact... Abe Lincoln loved the tropics!


A mime

A vampire
I love the spiders in her hair.

And.... the costume that truly threw me for a loop...

A fuzzy eyeball!
Kid's like Grant really know how to stretch mom's imagination and sewing skills. :)
We still have it in his room acting as a beanbag.

And finally,

A monarch butterfly...
another easy costume, yay!

A leprechaun.
Grant planned this costume months in advance.
This one took a little searching for just the right things, but we found a ladies green suit jacket at the thrift shop. I cut the front panels so that it looked like he had tails and added some gold trim around the edges. The beard was a ZZtop beard that we trimmed down. We rolled up the brown pants and glued some gold medals to piece of cardboard to make his pot of gold.

Quincy made her own zombie costume. No work for mom!

Wow... that was a lot of words, but I had some fun going down memory lane and I hope you did too.


Elizabeth said...


Leslie said...

i love every one of these!!!! i really like the face on julia when the zombie decided that a butterfly would be a tasty little morsel

MaryMary said...

Holy moly--being a mom is hard work! Love the eyeball!

Kate said...

I noticed that kevin was absent in the last 2 sets. teenagers never wanting their pics taken. lol

Colleen said...

Kate: Teenagers don't do halloween apparently.

Mary: I love the eyeball too. I was a little stunned when he told me what he wanted to be, but I'm thrilled with the result.

Grammie/Mom said...

I never saw some of these pictures. Thanks for putting them up. You are amazing with the costumes. They certainly could win prizes don't you think?

Kate said...

well I guess my group of friends in highschool were different than most teenagers. we always did halloween and dressed up. I'm still dressing up for halloween. went to 1 party last night and have another next weekend.

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

Love seeing all these! Thanks for linking it. :D