Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm thankful for...

The perfect fall weather!!

We took a trip out to Great Falls again.
This time we took a little time to check out the trails.

I took this opportunity to take some close ups and to play with the light from the setting sun.

This guy was not what I would call a willing participant in this photo shoot, but I kept trying to get just the right shot. When he was done, he let me know by jumping onto my arm. That pretty much ended it for me!

I put a few more pictures up on facebook. (It's easier to upload the pics there.)


Leslie said...

OMG, did you totally freak out when he jumped on you. those eyes are so an alien. pretty pictures.. the kids all look so big

Colleen said...

You'd have to ask the kids... it all happened so fast. It jumped on my arm, I shook it off and squealed and started laughing.

Anonymous said...

Mom you so freaked out!!! I had a great time at Great Falls. The praying mantis was one of my favorite parts. Grant and I had fun climbing all the rocks. :D Julia

Elizabeth said...

you kids do love climbing rocks huh, julia? I like the shot of the leaves in the sun and of course I love the pictures of the kids. I miss you guys!