Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You're a mean one...

Mr. Grinch!

You really are a heel.
You're as cuddly as a cactus,
You're as charming as an eel.
Mr. Grinch!
You're a bad banana
With a greasy black peel.

I've been feeling a little grinchy lately.
Christmas is coming so quickly and I've never been so completely unprepared.
I've made a good bit of progress over the last couple of days, so I'm feeling a little better about things.  In fact, I'm sure I'll be ready for Christmas somewhere around New years. 
Do you think I could get the kids to wait until Epiphany (January 6th) to celebrate Christmas?

Now,  if only I could get this heart to grow threes sizes today.
Maybe it will help if I spend some time looking at everyone else's ornaments over at Mama Bear's blog.



Leslie said...

so it seems you and i have had a change of places...you are being grinchy and my heart has grown three sizes this weekend. you know i have a grinch ornament somewhere but i don't know where it is...i don't think it got hung....maybe that is why my heart has grown and you are feeling grinchy. take that ornament down

Colleen said...

LOL... I just may take him down!

Grammie/Mom said...

You didn't catch this from me did you? I don't have a Grinch anywhere!