Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas gifts revealed!

I've been wanting to blog about this picture below since October, but couldn't because it was a gift for my sister, a faithful reader of my blog.
This amazing silhouette was created by Carolin who has an etsy shop that you must check out.
I originally asked her about doing a 5x7 combining two of my sister's favorite things, sewing/quilting and birds.
As e-mails and ideas were exchanged, I sent her the link to my sister's blog so she could get an idea of what type of quilting, etc... Leslie did.
Carolin sent back a rough draft of this picture including the silhouettes of my niece and nephew, something I hadn't asked for and was thrilled to get!
Seriously... adding their faces really put the gift over the top!
I asked her to make it an 8x10 and this was the result.

Also, I wanted to show off the one and only thing I won in all the many, many, many giveaways I entered prior to Christmas. 
This lovely scottie dog came to me from a lovely lady who just happens to live in Scotland.
I love the fabric she used.  He's just adorable.
This guy spent the holidays overlooking the nativity scene, making sure that baby Jesus was doing okay and keeping all the sheep and donkeys in line.
My thanks go out to the creator of this cute puppy.
Check out her blog if you get a chance.


Leslie said...

this is the best present ever!!!! i love it and am dying to get it on the wall.

Brandi said...

I just discovered Etsy it's amazing, so many talented people! I ordered a slip cover for my camera strap, who knew! I've posted a few buttons on my blog to try and support my favorites. Beautiful gift!

Leslie said...

you edited didn't you...where did you go?

MaryMary said...

Ummm..the most thoughtful gift ever. I saw it on Les's blog and had to tell you! It's awesome!