Saturday, February 13, 2010

Digging out and Defrosting

Every time I think that I have a lot of snow, I find someone else's blog where they talk about the 50 or more inches of snow that they've received.
It's amazing!
 This is the snowbank at the side of my driveway after all the shoveling was done.
(Julia is 4'6")

 Digging out of the 36 inches of snow that we got this past week was quite a chore for both myself and for the Department of Transportation.

I have never seen them pull out the "big guns" like this before.  The kids and I spent some time watching them scoop huge amounts of snow from the corner of the intersection and dump it into my neighbor's yard.   
However, no amount of wishing caused them to come my way and dig out my mailbox.  
Oh, well...

I did finally manage to dig through the snowbank and make a path to my door.  
Now, maybe I'll order a pizza. 
But, more importantly, now there is a way for the mailman to leave packages at my door.
I had put my mail on hold until I was able to dig out the front path as well as the mailbox.

The UPS guy managed to find a place to leave this box 
and, boy, am I glad he did!
Boxes and boxes of my favorite tea to warm up the cold winter mornings.
I forgot to make tea this morning....  hang on...
okay, the kettle is on.

Stash Orange Spice Black tea.
As much as I've searched, no one in this area seems to carry it.  
I have begged for it on Swap bot and
asked for it at the grocery store.
My sister found some in NY and brought it to me.
Finally, I gave in and bought six boxes through Amazon.  
I'm afraid that might be too much of a good thing.
Is that possible?

Oh, yeah... I have three feet of snow in the front yard that says it is!

I don't know if these are my best pictures this week, but I'll add them to weekly winners anyhow, just cuz I want to be part of the "cool" crowd.  :o)


WackyMummy said...

Lucky you with all that tea! No way is it too much of a good thing. ;)

Good to hear you got dug out. That's a huge amount of snow! Wow!

T.J. said...

Oh good- it's important to get fun packages delivered to your doorstep- especially if they contain yummy tea!

Grammie/Mom said...

I'm glad you have the tea. I checked just today, again, at Adams. No luck. On the shelf where it says Orange Spice, you'll find the Peach black tea. That's good too.

Jay said...

Mmm! Orange Spice sounds rather nice! I've never tried that one.

My trouble with flavoured or herbal teas is that often they have hibiscus in them and my body doesn't seem to like hibiscus. But I do love redbush, and lemon and ginger, and there are one or two others I've found, too. I can well understand you ordering a stash from Amazon!

Oh, and by the way, you had WAY more snow than we did! ;)

Tara R. said...

I've special ordered tea from the Republic of Tea before. There is no such think as too much tea.

I'm still trying to grasp the idea of having to stop my mail delivery because my mailbox is buried in snow. Wow...hope you all get some melting warmth very soon.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

That sounds really good! great snow photos!

Rachel said...

I'm simply flabbergasted by all that snow! WOW.

Those pics are fantastic; enjoy the tea!

Mama Zen said...


photomommy said...

Wow! So much snow! Craziness!

Danifred said...

What a great package to find on your doorstep in all this snow!

merrymishaps said...

I don't think we have "big guns" here! It's been a mess. Glad you've dug out a bit!

Kelly said...

36" is a lot more than we got. I was excited with our 2 feet of accumulation that has built up. 6-8 inches are coming in tonight too...this has been a crazy winter! I do love seeing all of the beautiful snow....great snow cave! :-)

Jientje said...

You can never have too much of it. Of the tea, I mean!

Julie said...

OH MY WORD. Look at all of that snow. I should not complain. Our few inches are nothing in comparison to that mess.

Gel said...

Hi There,
Thanks for visiting from Macro Mon. (I'm the "icicle gal.") I am trying to figure out where you live that got so much snow? Here in DC., one airport reported 55 inches and the other airport over 70". (I live in between.)

I'm smiling that your tea pkg came through! UPS is terrific. I'm also smiling at the crane. Last "night" one was on our street for over 3 hrs beeping and noisy, but they cannot help that... I wondered why they skipped our house. My hubs figured out later that the cranes were digging out the fire hydrants ONLY, so I stopped being envious.