Monday, February 22, 2010

A simple thank you

I've been killing myself trying to figure out how to acknowledge the blog awards that were recently given to me.  I don't know why it has been so hard for me to write this post.  I've tried to be funny, self-deprecating, humble, excited.... but none of my attempts worked.
So let me give it one more try. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The awards were unexpected and especially kind.
I appreciate every person that takes time to read my blog.
I love when they take even more time out to comment.
I am humbled that these people have found something in me and my blogging that they felt was worthy of an award.

Thank you to my sister, Leslie, who gave me this award.

It is to be awarded to bloggers that show great attitude and gratitude.

Considering the fact that she knows the "real" me, that is quite a compliment.

Thank you sister!

Leslie is an amazing wife, mother, homeschooler, crafter, and quilter.
You should definitely check out her blog, Fluff and Nonsense.

T.J. at  Any Given Moment has been a frequent commenter on my blog lately.  I'm always happy to see her name pop up in my comments.
I don't know her in real life, but I can just tell that she is one of those cheery, sunny side up people.  Everything about her and her blog just reads "happy."
She has a great blog that you should definitely check out, although she is currently on a self-imposed blogging break while she works on a real-life project.  I hope she hurries up and finishes, because I'm missing her.

T.J. gave me this award

Thank you!

and most recently, WackyMummy gave me this award.

Thank you!

Apparently, this is for people who bring sunshine to your day.
Oh, dear...I do try.  
But really... her blog is one that brings sunshine to my day.
She's a wonderful photographer and her sense of humor shines through even when life gets difficult.

Now... these awards often come with stipulations.  They want you to pass them on to seven other bloggers, or tell seven random things about yourself, or something to that effect.
Well, here's something you don't know about me.
I don't always play by the rules.
Soooo.... I will do my best over the next few weeks to share with you some of my favorite blogs and I may even take the time to post a few little known facts about myself, but not today, not in this post, because I don't always play by the rules!


Why is there a picture of the mystery machine in this post?
a) This blogging award thing is a mystery to me
b) I love Scooby Doo
c) I've had this picture lying around and have been dying to post it, but didn't know how.
d) all of the above

You guess.


Leslie said...

i am going to say all of the above. thanks for the nod sister. these other blogs are very cool!!!

Anonymous said...

congrats on all your awards, and thanks for commenting on my photo! love the one of your fish (below), btw. cute!

Lindsey said...

I'm going to go with e)it's parked right out your front window and you're tired of looking at it so you shared it with all the rest of us:-)

T.J. said...

You've made my night, Colleen! I am still on a self imposed bloggy break but this time because I gave myself a self imposed CONCUSSION!! Oh yeah, it was a long day and I just had to sneak in a comment tonight because you truly made me smile today- thanks girl! As long as I can see straight tomorrow, I'll be posting a little something, but in the meantime I think you are super cool too and I miss my daily visits to your blog!! As soon as this goose egg goes down, I will be back for my daily doses :) XOXOX TJ