Friday, March 19, 2010

Yay! It's Friday!

Wasn't I just whining about all of the snow and cold like...yesterday?
  And now accuweather informs me that we are going to have three straight days of sunny 70+ degree weather.     
That's more of an aberration than the norm, but I'll take it. 
All of a sudden Spring sprang up and winter is just a memory!

This weather is so wonderful that I am bouncing around, being silly, and generally being a spaz.
  Of course, that could be the caffeine too, but whatever....

(Oh, my goodness. Yesterday, I forgot my morning cup of tea. 
What a bad mistake.  I was dragging all day.)

So I've been spending my morning researching places to go and enjoy this amazing weather.  I figure we should take advantage of it while we can.  Of course, I wasn't aware that we'd have this weather, so earlier in the month I planned appointments and such to take place today, so the most outdoor time we'll get is running from car to building and back. 
And the kids have school.  I'm thinking of taking a mental health day.  Get those kids outside!
Actually, I think it's more like a shoe shopping day.  We need good walking shoes.
  I'm dragging those kids on a hike tomorrow!

(Boy, I hope I have as much energy tomorrow as I seem to have today!)


Lindsey said...

New shoes are good for mental health... I see that as a win-win situation!

T.J. said...

Spring fever, eh?! Get a new pair of shoes and hit the trail- it's sure to help! Curious to hear how the hike goes :)

have a great weekend, Colleen!

alita said...

I vote for the shopping. I crave shopping, but I want to lose 10 more pounds before I step into a store with a huge mirror that shows all my flaws back to me.

I'm jealous about your weather...

We're supposed to get snow this weekend >:(

All week it has been in the 60's and then bam. BUT that is Michigan weather for you. blech!

Oh and I changed my profile so that I can get and send emails. :) I didn't realize that is the setting I had it for.

WackyMummy said...

Nice! Enjoy the warm weather while you can... global warming is coming!!!

Grammie/Mom said...

Where are you hiking? We are in a stretch of warm days too. I think I'll walk down Main St. and check out the shops tomorrow.

Grammie/Mom said...

Can we do the shops while you are here?

Jientje said...

Nice weather seems to do that to you, I went shopping as well!
Have a great weekend Colleen!

lisaschaos said...

How nice! We got to enjoy a few days of warm and now are having so cold again but the warm will come. I hope you have a wonderful warm weekend!