Wednesday, March 3, 2010

You Capture: Hopeful

Hope... it's a good thing.
Waaaaay back... near the end of January, I pulled into my driveway and thought that I caught a glimpse of these daffodils popping out of the ground.  
But that didn't seem right, it was still January after all.
I thought that perhaps the daffodils were being a tad presumptuous,
certainly it wasn't time for Spring flowers yet!
Sure enough, the snow fell and fell and fell some more. 
Heaps and heaps of snow were piled on top of those silly daffodils.
I was hopeful that they wouldn't die under there.
Now that the snow has mostly melted, I found the daffodils again,
a bit battered and bent, but still there,
and I am hopeful that they will grow and bloom soon.
The raindrops on this very gray day give me hope.
I am hopeful that the weather will continue warming up 
and that any precipitation we get will only be rain and not snow.
And this robin!
A sure sign that Spring is nearly here.
That makes me hopeful.

I'm also hoping that this silly, little camera will have a big brother soon.
One that has a bigger zoom and a few more mega-pixels.
Yep!  I'm very, very hopeful that that will happen soon!!!



Grammie/Mom said...

The first Robin. It has eluded me this year. I think I haven't really looked too hard. Have I told you I love reading your blog!

alita said...

Ohhhh Girlfriend it sounds like you have some REAL spring fever.

Love the shot of the robin (spring, Spring, SPRING is on it's way)

and the raindrops were so CLEAR.

FUN POST! :) ... as usual!

Lindsey said...

Spring is my "hopeful" theme too! Just have to get a minute to download my pictures... can't wait to see those daffodils in full bloom!

MyMaracas said...

How good to see those intrepid daffodils braving January snow and living to tell the tale. A hopeful sign, indeed.

T.J. said...

I saw it! I saw it! My first robin of Spring! What's this about a big brother camera? Man, first Alita, now soon you, I need to talk to Champ about a possible "adoption" into my own family ;)

Loved your hopeful shots!

Leslie said...

Daffodils...they made it!! that is a feat considering all the snow on top of them. that rain will help melt the snow you have left...that is good. did you e mail chris about the camera stuff? was he helpful?

dutchbaby said...

You took that first shot with this tiny little point and shoot? With all that depth of field? It's fantastic! What a wonderful point of view! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your daffodils.

patty said...

great images of hope! {especially that robin by the snow!}
visiting from you capture... :)

Bec said...

Getting a new camera is always a good feeling :) I have never regretted investing in my Nikon D40.

Jientje said...

Spring is just around the corner, it's been very bright and sunny again today. I hope you'll get that new camera soon. Although I must say you make great pictures with your little guy!

Megryansmom said...

Seems a lot of bloggers are hopeful for spring's arrival!

Sabrina said...

I am just completely amazed and jealous at all the green stuff coming up already! And your captures are fantastic quality esp. with your "silly little camera". Not too silly at all!

Saj said...

Yea daffodils! And yea robins! I saw one in my yard too!

And good luck on the new camera!

Upstatemomof3 said...

I just love that raindrop picture!! It is gorgeous!

Lena said...

Oh yes! I'm hoping right along with you on all counts... but especially the camera!!!
I have severely underestimated how much nagging and begging and crying my husband can take. =\
Wonderful shots, love the DOF in the daffodils photo.

jaime said...

I'm also hopeful that spring is on the way and flowers will start to bloom soon!!