Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A final glimpse at NYC

I suppose this post is both part two and part four of my city posts.
I got a bit sidetracked and never finished posting all of my pictures from our trip there.
That's probably for the best, because I think I was on picture overload 
and may have been oversharing.
But there are a few people out there that I thought might like to see the "rest of the story."
My husband and mother being the most likely parties.
Here's something that I learned during that trip.
Wandering around the city with a party of nine, including several teenagers, 
does not make for a great photo walk.  
The picture taking may have embarrassed and annoyed a few of them,
so I grabbed the shots as quickly as possible.
Check out the faces on these people.... 
You can practically read their thoughts.

I did, however, get a good picture or two.
This next shot is one of my favorites.
Kid, cab, Statue of Liberty, American flag....
Love it.

We ate at Ellen's Stardust Diner. 
Oh, maybe it's a tourist trap
and maybe it's over-priced, but we loved it.
I worried that the singing wait staff would be a little weird, but it was so much fun!
I was won over by their total commitment to sing and act as though their careers depended on it.
In fact, half way through our meal, our waiter rushed out carrying his portfolio full of head shots, 
announcing, "Got to go!  I've got an audition!"
It was fun to watch the New York/ Broadway dream in action.
You know... small-town Georgia boy heads to the big city to make his mark on the world,
and waits tables in between auditions, just hoping that someone will notice him.

So, yeah... it was lots of fun.

And they made a pretty mean milkshake too.


Rebecca said...

That was fun. Love the last shot - sooo cute!

alita said...

Fun adorable trip in the city post! Loved the cab pic and the group shot. :) I have enjoyed the city series on your blog. Thanks for sharing!

Jientje said...

That last photo is awesome!

Johnny Nutcase said...

is that a stuffed animal fruit bat?!??!?! I want it! (great pictures, sounds like you guys had fun!)

Grammie/Mom said...

Was your sister speechless? The boy's faces truly register their thoughts! Mitch the ham!

Dan said...

That trip to NYC just looks better and better the more photos you post...milkshake Mitchie says it all!

Colleen said...

Well, mother, somethings are not printable on a family friendly blog.

Quilly said...

This was a wonderful photo shoot! What you did with the thought bubbles reminded me of Tilden Talks when she does her "way Back" posts and puts her family black and whites up with the "what they were really thinking" tags.