Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last Stop Grand Central Station (or NYC part 1)

Whenever I hear that someone has gone to NYC, 
I always ask if they went to or through Grand Central Station.
For me, it's not truly a New York experience without it.
I am aware that this is based on the fact that nearly every trip I've ever made to the city as I was growing up involved a Metro North train down the Hudson River, 
last stop Grand Central Station.
Certainly there are other fairly cool ways to get to New York,
the Staten Island Ferry is pretty darn awesome,
but for me, Grand Central means that the fun has begun.

Those of you who know the city well, bear with me as I give a little tour to those who don't.

You know you are almost there when the train dips underground into the darkness.
The train slows and stops and everyone grabs their bags and newspapers
as they hurry out onto the platform.
If you're in a rush, you could certainly head out with the rest of the busy people
and scurry down a side corridor to the nearest exit, 
but I always make time to head into the main terminal.

Look carefully at the picture above.
To the left, through the doorway, you can see a train sitting on track 29.
Overhead, you can see elaborate chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and reflected in the windows.

To the right, a tourist stops to take a picture.
All those people wearing black? 
They're the real New Yorkers and they have places to go and people to see.
Can you see the tops of the kid's heads in the lower two corners?
They are doing what everyone should do when they stand in the center of the terminal 
beside the clock and the information desk,
looking up.

You just have to take some time to look up.
The windows...
the trim...
the ceiling...

Pretty cool, huh?

Why don't people paint murals on ceilings anymore?

Look back down and you might see a cute kid.
Well... it helps if you bring your own,
then you are almost guaranteed to see one.
Unless, of course, you lose the kid... that would be bad.
Not that I lost her... I was just making an observation!
(trust me. that kid is in charge. she has it all under control.)

After you leave the station you may find a taxi or two
and quite possibly and inexplicably an enormous inflatable rat
about to eat said taxi.

and... if you look to your left, you'll find one of my favorite buildings,
the Chrysler Building.
I love the Art Deco architecture.
And I just found out that those eagles are replicas of the 1929 Chrysler hood ornaments.
hmmmm.... I should take more time to look up this sort of stuff, 
you never know what you might learn.

There's so much more to Grand Central.
Bakery's filled with giant cookies and cupcakes,
Amazing musicians working for your donations,
and people watching.

Perhaps our only disappointment was that something like this didn't happen.


Jientje said...

Something soimilar has been filmed at Antwerp Central Station about a year ago!
Thanks for the tour, it felt like I was right there with you!

alita said...

I loved the tour. Thank you! I can't wait for my first trip to NYC (even if it is 5 years from now.) Hopefully it won't be under the plight of rabid zombies by then. Or all Wall-e style.

I have ALWAYS wanted to see the Chrysler building in person. I just bet it is majestic. I really love the art deco style of it as well.

Fun post (as usual) If you have more I can't wait to see it!

Shelle said...

i think you'll find something like that at broadway and 51st sometime in the warmer months.

your blog is wonderful...i've enjoyed a little tour thru it :) thanks for stopping by, i'm glad you did!

Grammie/Mom said...

Colleen, you just have a way of writing! You make everyone really SEE what so easily could be missed with your pictures. You tell a story. I can't wait for more!!

T.J. said...

Oh how I love this trip through NYC with you- keep it coming! I have found that the best way to walk through GC Station is by looking up and holding hands with someone who is NOT looking up, rather guiding me through the crowd. Works like a charm!

Love the new header- but what happened? You kids ate all the waffles? Yum!