Thursday, April 1, 2010

One foot, two foot...

While on Spring Break, we took the kids to NYC.
Generally, people spend most of their time looking up at the tall buildings
but since this week's You Capture was all about feet,
I took some time to look down.

At my niece's orange clad feet in Grand Central...

Lots of happy dancing feet on the Big Piano in FAO Schwartz.

Julia's cool converse on a stinky, smelly, sewer grate.
BTW... don't look down in those... you don't want to see what's there.

Niece and Sister's tired feet heading down 42nd street.
Like my sister's rockin' clogs?

A group shot. 
There are lots of feet in NYC.
It wasn't until we uploaded the picture that my sister pointed out that the guy on the right looked a bit like Enrique Iglesias
and the guy on the left looks like Anthony Bourdain.
You think?
Wouldn't that be a capture! ;o)

Lastly, my very tired and slightly scuffed feet.


T.J. said...

your niece's tights and orange shoes- gotta have them! Seriously just my style and absolutely my color! Such a fun tour of the town via feet. I agree with Leslie, those guys do have some recognizable characteristics hmmm...? Oh, and the edit on the last picture is very impressive.

Hope you are all having a blast together- don't stay up too late chit chatting ;)

Leslie said...

my dogs was tired!!!!!

Jientje said...

You did a great job looking down! I love that first shot, orange shoes and colorfulo tights, way to go!

WackyMummy said...

Great shots. I particularly love the polka-dot tights! Those are awesome.

By the way, that's not Enrique in that shot. Kinda looks like him, but.... no. (I have a current Enrique obsession, so I would be over-the-moon thrilled to see you capture him in a photo.... even more for ME to capture him, except that he would never visit Nova Scotia.) ;)

Julie said...

those were very fun to look at! Looks like you had a fun vacation and noticed lots of fun and interesting feet :). Nice shots!

Jay said...

I LOVE the combination of dotty tights and orange shoes! Such fun!

Jess said...

The sewer grate may be nasty, but it makes for a really cool photo. I like that one best. Lots of feet you captured!

Saj said...

I want to be able to wear orange shoes with polka-dotted tights! So cute!

And as for the shot of the person standing on the grate-that's one of my irrational phobias. I walk around grates all the time! I'm afraid I'll fall down into a pit. I said it was irrational!

alita said...

Very VERY cute! I hope you are enjoying your vacation. :) You deserve it mama. Oh and I bet you are having fun with that camera. I saw that you joined in the photo hunt challenge. YAY!!!! This is my first time doing that and I can't wait. Even better that you are doin it, too.

HAPPY EASTER COLLEEN to you and yours!!!! :)