Thursday, April 29, 2010

Photo Challenge

I came across this photo challenge a couple of months ago. It only runs every other month, so I had to wait a long time to participate. You'd think with a whole month to gather pictures, that I'd have them done and ready and wonderful long before the deadline, but nooooo.
Some of the categories were quite challenging!
But I did it... and here are the results.

A different point of view - the metro station in DC

A perspective shot



I wanted to take a picture of what I see without my contacts.
Who knew that it would be so hard to purposely shoot out of focus?



Sign of Spring


A letter formed in nature. (the letter "A")

A trio


(that unnatural looking green is actually the reflection of the trees)

Mother Earth


Something Rare
(because it's not fully cooked and because I rarely buy it.)

Something Healthy

Something Colorful

Something Spicy

Something Triangular

After they go through all of the participants’ entries, they will post their favorite photos for each of the 20 items on the list in a separate blog post with a poll for each.
Anyone who votes is encouraged to vote based on their favorite photo, not just for a particular photographer.
Voting is also open to anyone and everyone. The posts are created as time allows throughout the month, and the polls are open until the end of May.

 So click on here and check out all the photos and participate by voting!


Grammie/Mom said...

Well done Colleen. Some are familiar pictures and many are new to me. I see MY dishes showed up again! I can't even pick a's too hard.

Yellow House said...

LOVE them all!

T.J. said...

Not to brag for you or anything, but come on, you are sooooo going to get recognized with something. I mean seriously, you got the moon AND more amazingly, you made port-a-potties photogenic.

Sabrina said...

YOU ARE AWESOME! These all look VERY professional. What a great challenge too...maybe I'll give it a go? Great job!

Evelyn said...

I really enjoyed looking at yr beautiful captures. Fantastic shots.

Anonymous said...

So many wonderful photographs - I think the bleeding hearts is my favorite.

alita said...

Hmmmm which one do I love the most? The sign of spring? The moon? Touch? Flowers? Oh wait, no... I love spicy! Oh wait, no... I can't decide they are all good. Actually colorful is speaking to me right now. I'm hungry and they look soooooo gooood!


Johnny Nutcase said...

great job! I love your robin shot and the raindrops! lotsa good ones in there!

MaryMary said...

You seem to be having so much fun with your new camera....aren't you glad you bought it? :)

Love all the pics--are you taking classes or are just a natural?

Graceful said...

Your pictures are super cool -- so many great ones...I can't decide which is my favorite. The bubble, maybe? Or the fish? Or the letter A?

Nicely done!

Rhonda said...

Greetings! Love your favoites are the Letter "A" and Water.
This is the 3rd time I've participated and it's always challenging but a load of fun. I've become a "Follower" of your blog...makes it easier to fine you.
Take care.

Nukke said...

I think the 1. pic is the best !!!! I also like taste, spring, flowers, healthy !

Nukke said...

ps. my pics in

malandbrian said...

Wow! Great pictures, I love them all but I think my favorite is water!

Jess said...

Wow, Colleen, what a huge amount of work you must have put into this. Great job! My favs are the self-portrait, and the raspberries.

In answer to your question about the tomato teepees on my You Capture post, it's called a Wall-o-water. I updated my post with a link to the product.

Hope you're having a great vacation. Can't wait to hear about it and see your pics!

Amanda D said...

You have some serious talent! Your pictures are amazing. I used goldfish for my fish shot too. ;) Sushi would definitely be rare here!

Samara Link said...

It's great you joined in this month! I love how there are people who do this from so many different places. I knew I was in for a treat after just seeing your first photo. What a shot! My favorites from all of them are actually in a row -- Water, Mother Earth and Skyward. Impressive! (It never even occurred to me to shoot a skyward shot at night. The moon has been amazing the last few nights, too. So, great thinking!) I also thought your photos for touch and signs of spring were good. I'd frame the spring shot. It's lovely. You do nice work with your camera. I hope you come back for the next one. :)

aimee said...

Wow! Skyward definitely is an original! Great must have some looong lens :) Love the bird shot too.

Shelle said...

fabulous your row of potties...your nature shots are gorgeous. very creative photos...i though i'd left a comment on your post...but my connection's always dropping so i guess it didn't go thru.

kaye said...

so many wonderful shots--I did love water the most.

Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Faith said...

Amazing shots!! I can't pick a favorite...i loved them all! And how did you get that shot of Skyward?? incredible!

Raquel said...

Great photos. I love 'touch' and your 'skyward' is AMAZING.

Kristi said...

Great job Colleen,
you really put a lot of thought into your photos! I had many, many favorites love water, mother earth, sign of spring, etc

Jientje said...

You did a great job with all of them, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE "sound". Beautiful captures, as always!

Ang said...

I was trying to keep track of which were my favorites... but then I ended up with almost all... so I'll just leave you with one word: WOW!

Mom24 said...

You did a really great job. Love the letter found in nature and the different point of view.

Megan said...

these really do give off vibrant impressions in each category! and, we have that earth puzzle game too!

Mominin said...

Your skyward is amazing! I loved them all - you were very creative. Great job!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Awesome shots. Absolutely love the metro shot.