Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tales of a 38 year old groupie???

Well....maybe not.
But if I had all the time and money in the world and absolutely no obligations,
I might...
just might
consider following this band around.

Yep... all the way across the US,and over to the UK and then Australia.
Wouldn't that be a totally awesome road/plane trip?!

Because, as good as their CD is... 
They are a trillion, million, zillion times better LIVE!!

I mean that....
a million, zillion, billion, trillion.

(Is a zillion more than a googleplex?  Just asking.)
Before the concert, I would have classified them as folksy, indie type band
with a touch of the Chieftains and a teensy bit of bluegrass.

Then, SURPRISE! We're really a rock band!!

Seriously awesome!

... about halfway through the concert, 
I wondered, "What kind of music is this anyway?!"
When the banjo player rocks a banjo like no one on earth has ever rocked a banjo
(has anyone ever rocked a banjo? not that I know of until now...)
what do you call that?!

At the 3:20 mark he gets going a little bit on the banjo, 
but it's nothing compared to what he did at the 9:30 club in DC.
I just can't find a video that shows how insane it really was.

Then there was this scene...
which involved a mountain man, a jingle stick, and a couple of guys in their skivies.

You just had to be there.


Jess said...


Motion blurred photos of guys in their skivies! LOL! :D

You totally cracked me up!

Brooke G. said...

Sounds like a wild time!
If only you could pick up and become a roadie!!! :D

Grammie/Mom said...

Ah, you saved me from the skivies! I think I'll listen to the clips and see what you're talking about.

Jientje said...

Too bad I wasn't! Love their music, I think I would follow you following them around! Have a great Sunday Colleen!

alita said...

What a fun post!

Rebecca said...

Sounds great...

Jay said...

Oh, they sound great! I love the idea of skivie-wearing insane, blurred, men dancing to rockin' banjo! Can I come too?

Anonymous said...

haha, I am older than you and there are still some bands I'd love to follow around!

Brown Family Blog said...

Lovin' it!