Monday, June 7, 2010

Everybody has a camera

"So," my sister asks, "how will you know who's in your photo walk?"
"I don't know." I say.  "I guess I'll look for the group of people with big old camera bags."

Uhhhh.... yeah.
The problem there?
In DC, everybody has a camera.
I exited the metro station and saw a small group of ladies sitting along a wall.  
There was nothing that made them stand out as photo walk people other than the fact that they all seemed to be waiting for something or someone.  
I looked closer and saw the camera bags and ventured the question, "Are you with the photo walk?"
Sure enough, I had found my group.

But after walking around DC for a bit, I realized how unremarkable a group of people with big old camera bags and cameras was.
There were cameras everywhere.
Pretty much one for every person.
So I started to take pictures of the people.
Now that's a big step for me.
I feel highly uncomfortable taking pictures of people that I don't know.
Shoot... I feel weird taking pictures of people I do know.
I even felt awkward taking pictures of the model that came along with our group.
So, my people pictures weren't my best shots of the day.
I was afraid to get in close and wait for a good shot.

***Here's a secret....a look into how my brain works...***
I try to hide all my crappy pictures inside of collages with the hopes that you won't notice that they kind of suck. 
If I really hate them, they've already been deleted. 
So you'll never get to see the really awful ones.
If the picture is big and bold, then that's kind of how I feel about them.  
Or, at least I find some redeeming quality to the picture.

When I got home from the walk I saw that a package from Amazon had arrived with a new Jack Johnson CD.
(We're going to see him in July and I wanted to hear his new music beforehand.)
I popped it in the car and had to rewind it a bit to listen to this song.
The lyrics pretty much described the goings on at the photo walk. 
Pictures of people taking
Pictures of people taking 
Pictures of people taking pictures.

I pictured us at the end of time
Holding up a camera to our eyes
I took a picture of you took a picture of me
In the background of the picture
Was water running to the sea
~Jack Johnson


Mrs. Bird said...

They are all great photos, Colleen! We are always our own worst critics....I'm jealous you got to go! There was not one in NM...maybe next year I'll head one, because downtown Santa Fe is an awesome backdrop!

AlyGatr said...

How fun! I photo walk sounds like something I'd like to do once I get rid of my crappy camera and get a good one. You captured a lot of awesome shots...even if they are of people you don't know :)

Jess said...

Oh Colleen! Even if YOU feel your photos were crap, there is no question you grew as a photographer. Don't kick yourself. If I was out of my comfort zone I'm sure I wouldn't like my photos very much either. By the way, the reflection in the wall shot kicks an amazingly huge amount of butt. I know you like that one! ;) You've earned my respect just for having the courage to go on the photowalk. Good for you!

Brooke G. said...

I love all your pictures!! that photo walk sounds like SUCH FUN :D I may have to look into for next time :D

Grammie/Mom said...

Well, we can tell which one you liked. I think its amazing! Did you take a picture of the model and did you know that about that song before you got the CD?

Yellow House said...

I love that you did this! I love all the faces! When you move back to Seattle, can we go on one of these fun shoots together?

WackyMummy said...

I love your collages, and your pictures. You have some great ones there. I like how you capture people... I love the people taking pictures of people shots. It's all good. =)

Leslie said...

how fun that your two things collided....jack and cameras!

Lolli said...

I think you got some great shots! I know exactly what you mean about taking pictures of people. I've had to really stretch myself to get used to that. (zooms help, too!)

Jientje said...

Ooooh how I would have loved to be there together with you!I love your pictures you took, and no, I don't think they suck! But you take a hundred and maybe have five good ones, that's how it goes, right?
I'm very shy to take pictures of people too but I was in luck on Saturday. There was a living history event recreating the middle ages. There were about a thousand actors and figurants from all over the world, all with great costumes and they LOVED to be photographed. I had a blast!

alita said...

I think you took some great shots chica. Really! And the jack johnson song sets it off nicely.

Portraits are tricky for me, too for the same exact reason.

tara said...

Okay, first, how do I not know that Jack Johnson song?

Second, I went on the photo walk in Vegas and felt similarly -- out of my element -- especially in front of so many pros! You took WAY more photos than I did. And good ones, too! I love the collages, such a great collection!

terri browne said...

Your pictures are amazing! I just have a small point-n-shoot camera, and I always envy your pictures. Nice work!

And what a great song to go with your post!

Cora R said...

Your pictures are great! You were braver than I was taking pictures of strangers. I think I took one shot of the model and one shot of a stranger (and that was a park ranger). Thanks for sharing them.

Bec said...

I really wished there would have been one closer by so I could participate! I might just have to organize my own :)

lisaschaos said...

Very cool! I'm sure you had a great time! I think it's easier to get brave when you're with other photographers. :) You did great!

Rebecca said...

Love the lyrics. Great post. I am the same way about taking photos of people. I've gotten really good at not putting the viewfinder to my eye and just guessing where to aim from the hip. :)

Rebekah said...

I'm gonna have to go listen to that song now!