Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teenagers on the loose!

Lots of pictures coming your way!

You've already seen one of my favorite pictures of Natalie from our recent backyard photo shoot.
Here's my favorite of Quincy.

In black and white...

and color.

The shoot started out well.
The girls were a little self-conscious but...
it wasn't long before giddiness took over.

While some of us were trying to get a decent shot...

Others were keeping busy playing volley ball.

Nice form!

Julia was a great assistant.  

But she couldn't keep the older girls from stepping into each other's shots.

She managed to get in a few herself.

Is this pose required whenever two or more people get together?
I think it may be.

Posing like this did not come naturally.

So it wasn't long before the giggles took over.

You would laugh too...

If this is what was going on behind the photographer.
(Julia had some definite ideas about how the girls should pose.)

No matter how much the boys didn't want their picture taken, 

 they couldn't keep themselves from causing trouble,

Getting into the photos...

And generally being annoying.

That's Natalie's "not happy with the annoying boys" face.  :)

Things settled down a bit after Grant brought Natalie some Shakespeare to read.

Who knew that  Hamlet was so amusing?

To be or not to be..

Quincy pondered that question.


EG Wow said...

These shots are great. All are keepers!

Jess said...

Oh, how fun! Love the b&w of Quincy.

Leslie said...

oh man there are so many good ones...i think my favorite is the action shot of kevin and natalie and the one of natalie stepping into Quincy's shot.

Grammie/Mom said...

Lots of great shots! My 2 favorites are Quincy with book in the grass and the Kevin/Natalie shot with the flying hair! Cute dress/tunic Quincy. Boy, does she look like you at that age!

lisaschaos said...

It looks like you not only got great shots but she (and others) had fun too! Yay!

Icy BC said...

I like fun and natural photos of people. They are all beautiful!

Dan said...

All great shots. I especially like the tilted photo of Quincy with her arms crossed and Natalie smiling in the background.

terri browne said...

Looks like a fun photo shoot! I love that Julia was showing them how to pose. :)

I am... said...

Those are great shots. I love this series! I particularly love what you did with the second shot... the editing is great... so soft and hazy. Awesome job! I'm sure the girls are pleased with it. They look like a fun group to be around. =)

Dave said...

looks like a fun day, excellent series.

alita said...

Your portraits look stunning! I stumble with portraits so I appreciate fun ones like these. I adored the last shot!

Where are you moving? Do you know in advance? Will you miss Virginia? It is so close to so many historic places. I'm a tad jealous to be honest. If you ever move to Michigan you may need to invest in OFF spray. They are out in full force. Probably due to the rain.

Oh and raspberry parfaits... you should treat yourself to one. I plan on it! ;)

MaryMary said...

What a fun photoshoot! She's so grown up and ladylike.

The Mommy said...

These just made me smile, real broad!
I'm your new fan and follower!!