Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vote! for the photo hunt challenge!

The wonderful people over at Photo Hunt Challenges have gathered all of their favorite photos from this months hunt and have opened them up for voting.  A few of my photos have made it to the favorites, but not all.  :(  Even so... vote for the best picture not the photographer.     Have fun!

Favorite Hilarious Out-Takes
Favorite Creative Crop
Favorite Sun Flare
Favorite Sweet Dreams
Favorite Work
Favorite Play
Favorite Cookout/Picnic
Favorite Transportation
Favorite Money/Currency
Favorite  Fountain
Favorite  Night Scene
Favorite B&W with Selective Coloring
Favorite Something Old

Favorite Something New
Favorite Something Borrowed
Favorite Something Blue
Favorite “Something Musical” Photos
Favorite Something Purple
Favorite Something Yellow
Favorite Something Scenic


Grammie/Mom said...

DONE!! I voted every category. Some choices were hard.

Clare B said...

Congrats on getting a few of your photos into the challenge. I'm looking forward to the August one so I can join in this time.

Yellow House said...

I will vote for you!!!