Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who said I wanted to be on Survivor?

If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you bring?
Questions like that are always hard for me to answer.
(of course being stranded kind of implies that you hadn't intended to be there, so it's not like you packed for the occasion, but we'll ignore that fact for the moment.)

I mean... I could be all practical and bring a multi-tool, some non-perishable food and maybe one of these.
But bedding, some books and chocolate would be nice too.

What if you were only going to be stranded for say... thirteen hours?
Enough time for the tide to come in and go back out again.
I guess I'd want some sunscreen, water, and a snack or two.
Oh... and bug spray.

Fortunately, all this planning and imaginary packing wasn't necessary.
  I got lucky and wasn't actually stranded on this deserted island in Maine,
but it was a close call!

We had heard that this island was a good source of sea glass,
so we got out of bed bright and early
and trekked across the barnacle covered rocks that were uncovered only because the tide was out.
We knew that we had a limited amount of time to explore the island.
We knew the tide would come in, but we didn't realize just how soon!
The girls and I were just over that rocky ridge on the other side of the island,
blissfully unaware of the incoming tide.
(You see, both of my parents and my aunt were also there, so I took on the role of trusting child rather than vigilant parent and I just assumed that someone else was watching the tide.)
Anyhow....  there we were combing the beach in search of sea glass when I heard my mother call,
"We have to go.  We're in trouble!"
The girls and I popped right up and scrambled over the ridge.
I stopped for a moment to find the pathway that we had come across on 
only to realize that the path was now covered with water!
Right away we were all pretty aware that we were going to have to wade across.
No one really questioned it.  We knew that our chance was now or never.
(or 13 hours from now.) 

I had the presence of mind to take the little point and shoot out of my back pocket and stick it in my bra.
 (Yeah... sometimes you just have to go there.)
(and thank God I didn't have the big camera!!)

I grabbed Julia's hand and said, "Let's go!"
The current was swift as the tide rolled in
and there was a point when the water was nearly up to my waist.
(which means it was quite a bit higher on Julia!)

 My aunt fell into step on the other side of Julia 
and my dad took on the two older girls.
My mother (who didn't know it at the time, but had a sprained ankle) managed on her own.
Honestly,  I know this sounds all dramatic and horrible, 
but I couldn't stop smiling the whole way across to the other side.
It was an adventure!
One that my aunt kept telling Julia that she would never forget!
I sang "Oh, dear! What can the matter be?" as we crossed the water.
(I don't know... it was the song that popped into my head.)

Once we were safely on the other side, I took the camera out of it's hiding place and snapped a few shots.
We all recovered quickly and didn't even wait until we were totally out of the water before we started combing the beach for more sea glass and other treasures.
Like these pretty little rocks.
(Have I mentioned that I really like rocks?)

And... since our shoes were already soaked,
no one thought twice about wading through tide pools to get to their treasure.

If we had waited any little bit longer to cross back over we would have been swimming 
or trying to hitch a ride on the nearest lobster boat,
or maybe just sitting in what little bit of shade there was fighting off the mosquitoes and eating the few wild raspberries that were left on the bushes while wishing that we had thought to bring water.
Thankfully, that didn't have to happen!

For another perspective on this "adventure" check out my mom's blog here.

Oh, hey... had I mentioned how freakin' cold that water is?!


DoanLegacy said...

Sounds like a wonderful thing to do with family. Your photos are gorgeous!

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

Exciting! I have to say, I do miss the ocean adventures. Of course, that's the only thing I miss about back east, but you can bet I'll be back to visit. Only when I visit, maybe I should swing down by your way and visit some friends. I can always dream, can't I. ;)

Grammie/Mom said...

Oh Colleen, you tell it so much better!!! You have such a story telling mind. Clicking on the some of the pictures you can see how high the water was by how wet our clothes are. Your visuals are funny. One thing neither of us mentioned is that a lobsterman did search Gilligan's Island for the 'castaways'. I saw him right under 'the ridge that hid the truth' finger after we were back, safe and sound. At first I thought we had company on the island and he was now stranded but then I realized just how close the lobster boats were and how easy someone could check
for stragglers

Brooke G. said...

I shouldn't have been laughing through all that, should I have??? Okay, maybe just a big smile. That does sound like a grand adventure and all the while, I am thinking... oh NO, her camera!!!! Phew, she only had a point-and-shoot!!! :D

Leslie said...

oh man!! you make it sound all very funny

mub said...

Just think, now you have a great story to tell! If you'd made it there and back without incident it wouldn't be nearly as entertaining ;)

Julie said...

That does sound like a fun adventure! Wow :). Glad you all made it back safely.

brainella said...

What a great story! And that you got pictures is even better. How fun, well...NOW. :)

Jess said...

What a great adventure! Being as you were all safe (your mom's ankle is okay?). This is the kind of thing the kids won't forget.

tara said...

Who says bras aren't handy? :)

mep said...

You rock and so do those beautiful rocks! What a great adventure! Your photos are gorgeous.

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

That was a great adventure! I'm sure you'll always remember that trip! At least you all got back safely and what a fun memory! Cool you had your camera with you too!

Stopping by from Friday Field Trip.

lisaschaos said...

LOL That was an adventure! We found the best sea glass in Vermont believe it or not. We didn't find much in Maine. But you guys have great memories now for sure!

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

what a fun story! You'll look back and tell this story to your grandchildren one day! Beatiful pictures as well!~

Rebecca said...

I love adventures like long as they have happy endings. I will pop over to your mom's blog too. I sprained my ankle on a little adventure this week too. I posted it today.

Did you find some good sea glass?

Alita said...

What a fun read Colleen, and I'm glad it had a good ending. I will have to pop over to your ma's blog to see what she has to say as well.

Wonderful pictures. Did you find glass?

MaryMary said...

What a lovely photo essay. Love the photo commentaries and the goal posts. Made me smile. :)