Wednesday, September 29, 2010

That Spam I am, that spam I am...

I do not like that Spam I am.

(I'm adding this to I heart faces: My dinner recipe theme.
It may not be exactly what  they had in mind,
but we did have fun with it.)

At some point, at some time, the kids had heard about something called Spam.
They had never had the *ahem* pleasure of trying this culinary mystery 
and asked me about it.

I, being a child of the 70's, have had many breakfasts of Spam and eggs.
(People ate weird things in the 70's)

So... in a moment of shear insanity, I bought a can of Spam.
(I know.... don't judge me, it was a cultural experiment.)
Spam lite... because a girl can only get so crazy.

Anyhow... if you were a fly on the wall, this is what you would have heard.

At lunch time, as I pulled out the can of Spam and a dozen eggs,
Grant stopped in his tracks and with a stricken look sighed,
"Oh... now we're officially poor."
(yes, Grant, that's how you'll know our financial status... the can of spam.)

Julia came over to see what was going on.
"Is that even meat?"

Me: "Ummm, sort of."
And then to myself,   "How do you get this stuff out of the can?"

Squish... splat... ewwww.....
(gotta love meat that slides out of a can!  bleh..)

J:  "I bet it has bacon, cow, rooster, chicken and turkey in it.
Oh, and pig... lots of pig."

"All your favorite meats mixed into one."

J after sticking a knife in it...
"Ewwww... it heals itself!!"


"Don't worry, kids.  We wont starve.  I'm making eggs too."

It looks much better cooked, right?

But no...
Julia says,
"Let's feed it to the dog we don't have."

Almost a good breakfast.

Grant:  "It's kind of bacon-y."

As Natalie put it when she heard that we at Spam,
"Why'd you eat Spam?
What? Are you in prison?
What's next?  Bread and butter?"

It was decided that it tastes better cooked than we might have imagined,
but we don't need to eat it again!

I, however, thought the reactions were totally worth every minute of it!
I swear, I was crying and laughing the whole time. 
Do you eat Spam?


Clare B said...

This post made me laugh so much - eating Spam-like meat has been one of my cultural adjustments. It doesn't come in a can (you buy it from the Deli) and it's called Liebekaese) But it's still Spam. And you eat it as comfort food... well, my partner does anyway.

Christopher And Tia said...

OMG, hahaha, this is the best post ever.

My dad used to cook spam, and I HATED IT. When he came to visit us last Christmas, I had to buy a can for him, just for old times sake. My husband was totally grossed out, but after he tasted it (he had never had it), he couldn't stop. So now he gets it ALLLL the time. Turkey spam apparently tastes like bacon? I hate the stuff. Oh, and it comes in single serving packages too, kinda like the pouch tunas, ya know?

Man, your pictures sure make spam look good though, haha.

Mrs Soup said...

Oh man, I LOVE Spam!! My husband makes an amazing spam, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast as a treat. The trick is to combine it, not to eat it separate. YUM!

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

Ew! I've never tried it (I don't eat pig products) but it just sounds gross. I can't believe you did that as a cultural experiment! (That actually makes it sound educational and sophisticated, though, so you get points for that.)

Grammie/Mom said...

I'll tell you this...the
LITE is quite disgusting! For this, go full fat!! We haven't had SPAM in years. Maybe I'll add it to my grocery list. Do you know, you are really funny?!

Kayla Sue said...

Oh my, this is too funny!! I myself have never tried spam... and I can't say I want to! :) I love the photo of your daughter staring at the spam with fear... hilarious!

Julie said...

That was fun! Loved the picture where your daughter looks afraid of the spam. :). I used to babysit when I was 14 for a very poor mother. She always had me fix the two girls spam or vienna sausages. SO gross. I had to hold my breath while I "made" their dinner. ick.

Kelley said...

This made me laugh! Ha! NO, I've never eaten Spam. The fact that it "heals itself" is reason enough to stay away. That line almost made me puke! Hold on...gotta run to the bathroom... :) Actually, the cooked Spam didn't look so bad. Seriously, though, what IS it? Is it ham? Or ham-ish? So glad you cooked it and posted about it. Ha!

On another note, so glad you appreciated my "Real Women of Genius", Wal-Mart edition! Like you, I adore those Budweiser commercials, but I guess you already knew that. :)

Rebecca said...

NO! I don't eat Spam...but I love your little Spam adventure here. Looks like a fun time.

Anonymous said...

Just a historical note: SPAM was developed, I believe around 1940 for the soldiers in WWII. One of the Meals Read to Eat of the time. It was the easiest way to supply a meat product, to the soldiers in combat, that didn't need to be refrigerated and wouldn't spoil.

Personally, I love it fried with eggs.

Colleen's Dad

terri browne said...

If you ever make it to Minnesota you can go to the official Spam museum! :)

Jennifer said...

This made me laugh, being from Hawaii SPAM is one of the main proteins. hehe If I had time for this challenge I would have done my Spam Musubi (which is like a Spam Sushi, although you do cook the spam)

Anonymous said...

Haha, this is so great! The younger generation definitely needs to experience Spam!

I used to eat it fried and with mac and cheese as a kid...with ketchup...barf!

Helen said...

Love this! My boys have been introduced to the wonders of Spam, because my husband is quite the fan. He whips of this thing called "Spam Roll", which is basically like a super salty jelly roll - bisquick, spam chunks and bbq sauce. GAG!

Janell said...

hehe I just posted a spam recipe on Iheartfaces. Then I saw this one, made me laugh. I love spam!

Amy said...

I loved this post. I remember being a child and having lunch at a friends house. Her mom made grilled cheese and spam sandwiches - with mayo. It was so gross. I could tast it as I read your post.

Thanks for the memories.

ciara said...

i think the reason most people don't like spam is the psychological aspect of it lol jk

i LOVE spam, but then what asian or hawaiian doesn't? lol i'm half filipino half white girl as i always say lol just like hawaiians we have it for breakfast w eggs, but instead of toast, we have white rice. you see, white rice makes any breakfast meat you eat in the morning (or even eggs) a filipino breakfast lol

sometimes i like to make spam fried rice. i think my hubs and stepson were a little wary at first, but they really like it. haven't had spam around the house for awhile though.

btw spam was named by some guy in a contest to name the meat. it's a spiced ham so he took the first 2 letters of spiced and last two of ham: spam. useless bit of information lol

oh, came by way of i heart faces :o)

ciara said...

p.s. fred has the information that is useful :o)

Anonymous said...

My husband just went to that Spam museum while visiting Minnesota. I told him not to bring home any souvenirs! I'll be has always scared me.

~ Melanie ~ said...

bwaahahah :)

love this post, as it made me laugh soo hard! i do like spam every once in a while ~ to the much dislike of my husband.

my favorite way to have spam is in a sandwich: shredded spam & dill pickles, mayo/salt/pepper/season to taste :)

Brown Family Blog said...

doesnt it make you have a weird feeling in the back of your throat. Yuck!

This post made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

My husband loves the stuff. Personally, it makes me gag - and I eat some pretty crazy stuff - but SPAM is just not on that list.

I love how your kid thought it meant you were "poor." For what it is, it's kinda on the more expensive side. haha.