Monday, October 25, 2010

If this is chaperoning... sign me up!

About a month ago, I attended the high school's "Back to School" night,
a night for the parents to follow their student's schedules 
and a chance to meet their teachers.

I enjoy going to these.
They help me put a face to the teacher's names
and give me a small glimpse into the personalities that will be interacting with my children for the entire school year.
So when Quincy comes home and tells me that Mr. Adams said "this" or Mr. Chapman said "that"
I have a better idea of where it's coming from and how it came across. 
So, there I was listening to Quincy and Natalie's art teacher talk about his plans/
goals for the year
when he mentioned that they would need chaperons for an upcoming field trip to DC.

Quincy had already brought home a note about the trip, so I knew that their itinerary included a couple of items that were on my to do list.

Such as the water taxi to the National Harbor
and another trip to the Newseum where I had seen these shirts.

(Guess what I bought... might there be a give away in my blogging future?)

So I signed myself right up... I had always wanted to go check out this giant in the sand.
But what that meant was that I would find myself in charge of TEN teenagers that I don't know!
 The teens that I know and love and are familiar with are one thing,
but these kids were unknown entities.
Would they behave?
Would they get lost?
Would they listen to me at all?
I needn't have worried.
First of all, the cool thing about high school field trips as opposed to elementary school trips 
is that you give them general guidelines and a time to meet you and then you get to just let them go.
And while they are off doing... whatever...
you get to wander around the museums and the shops and chat with the other chaperons.
And as it turned out, I had a pretty good group of kids.
They behaved, they showed up on time, no one got lost...
To top it off...
this was the art/ photography field trip
so I got to drag along my big old camera bag and no one thought that was remotely strange.

We had a great time 
I got a day on the town with some fun people.
Now I've just got to figure out how to finagle a chaperon slot for the NY field trip.
Broadway shows, museums, hotel... all free for the chaperon!
Sign me up!


Grammie/Mom said...

Do you recall the NYC trip with Mrs. M and myself for Girl's Club? Remember "T" falling off the curb and aiming for under the cab? That was a wild night let me tell you! You're trip was a good one. The Giant is pretty cool. The hand shots, especially with the sun behind the one, are very interesting.

Alita said...


Oh and sign me up for the NYC field trip. I can handle 10 teenagers I think. lol!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I love that giant in the sand. Glad the trip went well.

Yellow House said...

You are such a fun mom! I love all of the pictures... the giant in the sand was born to have his picture taken!

Leslie said...

well you let me know if you get on that NY trip so i can come and meet you. this giant is so cool...great shots sister, and could those girls be any cuter

Jess said...

I would have been all over that Giant in the sand too. What a cool thing!

lisaschaos said...

The giant is awesome! What fun being a chaperone in that area! Definitely have to go to NY with them, FUN!

Crystal Escobar said...

That giant in the sand is awesome!!! I really love all your pics, you're a great photographer. I'm new here and now following you. Hopefully I can learn a few things about photography from you :)

EG Wow said...

I'm so jealous! I can see you had a great time and saw so many wonderful things. But I'm also pleased that you saw an opportunity and went for it. YES!!

LOVE your photos, by the way. :)

terri browne said...

How fun! That definitely sounds better than being a chaperone on an elementary school field trip. :) Love the pictures!

Liz said...

While i like his foot the best, that shot of the hand with the sun shine is pretty darn cool!

T.J. said...

lucky lucky you! You look like such a cool, caring Mama yet got to haul your camera and check some sight seeing off your to do list- sweet!!!! Love the hand/body shots, but seriously those shirts? they take the cake!!

Julie said...

How fun! Love those giant body parts in the sand. Sounds like a fun trip :).

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Lovely captures of a wonderful trip!

MaryMary said...

Oh I envy you being so close to the water. That big toe though....