Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How many lumps will you take?

I woke up this morning thinking,
"Hey, I haven't had caffeine in two days and I've slept so well on those two days.
Maybe there's a connection, maybe I should work on eliminating caffeine."

It sounded like a good idea at 6:15 when I was supposedly well-rested,
but by 8am the sleepy feeling caught up with me and I quickly abandoned the "no caffeine" idea.
So I sit here with a cup of tea in hand, hoping to feel a little more awake soon.

Why don't you join me in a cup of tea and some..... grapes?

 If not grapes...
I might have a piece of candy or two leftover from yesterday that I'd be willing to share

I definitely have enough leftover chinese food to share with you!
When I order chinese food, I order enough to feed a small army,
but that way, I don't have to worry about what to feed everyone for lunch the next day. 

It works for me.

This was my "fortune" last night.
While it was undoubtedly true... the weather was wonderful, 
I don't really think that's a fortune.
And what if we were in the middle of a hurricane, or a blizzard, or it was 120 degrees out?
Then it certainly wouldn't be true.

But there wasn't a blizzard
and the temperature was an amazing 60-some degrees with beautiful blue skies,
but the wind... oh the wind it was a-howlin'.

(sorry... don't know where that weird phrase came from.)
(Very odd.)

Seriously, though...
the wind was making that kind of whooshing noise that you hear in the movies.
The down spout of our gutter was squeaking and scraping against the siding, 
making all kinds of spooky noises.

I had to run out just before bedtime to chase down the cereal boxes that had blown out of our recycling bin.

It was windy!
I thought I'd try to capture the wind by having Julia go outside and run around with this old curtain.
Ummm.... this didn't work out very well.
The curtain was too long and the ground was too muddy,
so what we ended up with is one really dirty piece of fabric that was getting tangled up around Julia's legs.

Maybe we'll revisit this another day.
I woke up this morning to find that the cherry blossom branches that I had put in a vase had bloomed!
Their counterparts outside won't bloom for another month or so, 
but it's nice to have a little Spring inside.

Speaking of spring... or spring in my step...
Noooooo.... I did not buy these shoes.
I just tried them on and enjoyed them for a moment or two.
Yes... I did say that I should get a pair of red shoes,
but I wasn't ready to pay over one hundred dollars for them
(marked down from $365!!!)
But they were fun to wear, even just for a moment.

(Besides... I needed that hundred to pay my "no turn on red" traffic ticket.)

Well, now... how was your Valentine's day?
Did you get some warmer weather?

How many lumps will you take with that tea?

"There's nothing as sociable as a nice cup of tea."
-Bugs Bunny



Winn (aka Koreen) said...

You're scaring me. At first you're all nice and "check the weather out" and "pretty blossoms" and "oooh! red shoes" and then BAM!!! One lump too many. Tsk tsk tsk. ;)

Love that blossom photo! It's crazy perfect! Frame it and sell it!!!! Why have you not opened an Etsy shop yet???

Elizabeth said...

Ohhh I agree... you should open an Etsy shop and sell your photos on there :D I WANT those shoes lol but I would have done the same as you... tried them on, enjoyed them for a few and then taken them off because they are also not in my price range lol. But omg they are awesome

Jade said...

Such a gorgeous photo of those cherry blossoms! And those shoes are FABULOUS! What a shame they're so expensive. Bleah. And bleah to the ticket. But oh how fun that must have been to try on those darlings and dream! :)

MaryMary said...

I have a numbered list for you today.

1. Blasphemy on the caffeine. :) I took some coffee photos this morning for a post.
2. The shoes. You have to tell more like who makes them and where you were. These will be my "I just got a new job shoe" in the future here.
3. Love the photos as usual. :)

Elizabeth said...

I <3 Mary's List

Jess said...

Gale force winds arrived with the warmth here too. "Warmth" being a completely relative term, of course.

The blossoms are gorgeous! How I wish our Spring was only a month away. It'll be late April (if that) before anything looks alive around here.

One time I had red shoes. I'd gotten them on clearance for like $3 or something. They were too small and killed me every time I wore them. Still it was years before I sent them off to a new life at the thrift store.

Leslie said...

what is up with the sassy shoes? those are hot!!! where would you wear those?

i take a ton of lumps in mine, thank you

Jen said...

Keep on searching for red shoes... every girl needs a pair!! ;-)

Happy Tuesday Darling! xo

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I do wish MY weather was wonderful. 8-) But I'll settle for a wonderful cuppa, as long as it's hot today!

AlyGatr said...

Did I ever mention I adore cherry blossoms? LOVE. I think the one picture with the curtain came out really well. And those grapes look SO yummy!

Gina said...

Love the shoes, they look fun to wear-even just for a moment. We've had crazy wind here too-and then today we woke up to about 8 inches of snow. It's beautiful! And cold! :)

Corinne said...

Leftover chinese sounds soooo good right now! And those shoes, so cute :) It's always fun to try fancy ones on!

terri browne said...

Wow, what a beautiful cherry blossom! Such an encouraging sign that spring is approaching.

Melissa said...

Love the blossoms and those RED shoes! I'll join you in some tea!

{Amy} said...

the 60's? oh, i am so jealous. they say it MIGHT get that warm here this week, though...fingers crossed! we had chinese on valentine's day too, take-out and a movie. thanks for coffee!

christi said...

it sounds like the weather is giving you a break -- yeah! the sky is so blue in your photos and i adore cherry blossoms! stopping by from lucky number 13. i host tea on tuesday, too. feel free to join in sometime, too!

Susan said...

What fun! I love the wind shot and the pretty cherry blossoms. Love the Bugs quote too.

We were starting to get buds on our trees, but then we got hail today, so I’m not sure what will happen to the plants!

Julie said...

I love the cherry blossom pic and the red shoes! I used to be all decaf, but lately I have been drinking regular in the morning, and strangely enough, still sleeping!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Wonderful, indeed! LOVE that blooming capture.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I have to say, I think that is the first pair of shoes I have ever seen priced at $300! They look fun for sure! Love your inside cherry blossoms...what a great idea :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful light and DoF in the image of the cherry blossom. Nice to see it bloom a month ahead of its time!

Chelsey said...

I love the picture of Julia in the wind!