Tuesday, April 5, 2011

82 to 52 in 24!

If you were to join me for coffee today, you'd have to drive through some wet and windy weather.

It's 52 degrees and rainy today.  
That by itself wouldn't be so unusual for a Spring day,
but after yesterday's weather
it's a bit stunning.

Thirty degrees warmer, sunny and wonderful.
The kind of weather that compels you to break out your sunglasses 
and flip flops
And to have a picnic dinner.

We enjoyed the flowers that had suddenly bloomed in this warmth.

And played a bit of frisbee.

Today, I think we'll huddle inside,
drink some warm drinks,
play a board game
and maybe watch a movie.


Winn (aka Koreen) said...

Oh no! Poor you! You must have caught the rain bug. :( I'm hoping it doesn't come through today here. It's predicted, with a possibility of snow. I just want some rain!!! But only enough so that the snow is washed away. ;)

Susan said...

Oh how dreary. Love the sunny shots and that delish looking picnic! Hope the sun comes back to visit you soon!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

It is raining here too. glad you got to enjoy some nice weather before the rain. Love the flower shot.

SKC said...

We have a dreary rainy day here today too. Wonderful shots.

Alita said...

Colleen- you are making me spring green with envy chica. And coffee, a board game, and a movie (chick flick maybe?) sounds perfecto! So if we were having coffee I would bring us some carmel lattes, we'd whip the loaded questions game out (FUN!) and then watch some... whatever we damn well please cuz this is my ideal coffee date today. lol :)

Jientje said...

I hate rain too! We haven't had a lot of it lately, we've had very unusual, very beautiful sunny weather. But temperatures do seem to drop quite drastically sometimes. Today is going to be warm and sunny! Yaaaay! I hope the sun returns to you soon!

Hyacynth said...

My, spring sure is fickle, isn't it!? We had 81 Sunday and 52 Monday, so I feel you. Seems like all of our wacky weather headed east to you.
Love, love your flower picture!

T.J. said...

he- love Koreen's comment about the rain bug. We had a visit here too. Hope the sun bug? fairy? arrives soon!

Julie said...

Love the flower pic! sorry about the rain!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful color and depth in the image of the grape hyacinth!

april@gingerbread girl said...

Dude...that sandwich looks soooo good!!! I want a bite...


terri browne said...

Gotta love volatile spring weather. We are dropping from high 70's this afternoon to high 40's by tonight. Thankfully it will warm up again soon! Once the sunglasses and flip-flops are out it is very hard to put them away. :)