Friday, April 29, 2011

Flashback Friday

It's flashback Friday and I couldn't think of a more appropriate flashback today
than to go waaaayyy back to the summer of 1987.
I was fifteen going on sixteen and my wonderful aunt took me on a trip to England.

It was the one and only time in my life that I ever considered the royal family with any great interest.
You see, there was still one eligible prince left (Prince Edward) and maybe, just maybe, I would bump into him
and I would catch his eye.

Where and how, I do not know, but I was fifteen and silly and I knew it wasn't going to really happen,
but a teenager can dream.

Let's just say, that even if I had run smack dab into him, 
I hardly think that my awesome 80's perm,
my ginormous glasses,
and my baggy sweaters 
were going to make him say "Wow!"
(or whatever exclamation a prince might choose.)
Oh yeah... lookin' good!

So this week, as William and Kate's wedding approached, my first thought was to ignore it.
But then I thought "why not make a party of it?"

So I broke out our tiaras
(yes, we do have our own tiaras... another story for another day)
and the good china,
had the girls sleep-over in my room
and set the alarm for 5:30.

At 5:30am we woke to the sound of chimes.
(I didn't realize that my alarm was set to 'chimes', but how appropriate!)
We opened our bleary eyes, popped on our tiaras,
drank tea apple juice
and ate scones in bed while we watched the wedding.

Ohhhhh... the wedding....
totally worth it!

The pretty dress, the crazy hats, the pomp and ceremony.
I rather enjoyed it.

And now we go back to our regularly scheduled and happily common lives.
I'm quite content to be Queen of my own world.


Winn (aka Koreen) said...

How fun!

deb duty said...

Very fun post! Love the flashback and the tiaras!

Dana at StrawberryTart! said...

I would have loved to go the England when I was young - I would still love to go, but it will have to wait until the kids are in college.

The tiaras are adorable - what fun!

Thank you for visiting today!

Grammie/Mom said...

Such lovely dishes for your biscuits and scones!!! ;0)

What a fun way to start the day!

That was quite a flashback! What designer thought those huge glasses were fashionable anyway?

Alita said...

loved this. :))))))) and all those retro pictures chica.

Ok- omgosh you wrote me an email that I just found in my (806!) overloaded inbox. Be expecting an answer to your D-town answer! :)))


AlyGatr said...

Ah, you guys are ladies after my own heart! Rockin the tiaras...sweet. I so incredibly envy you a trip to England. I had a chance to study there in college and I had to pass it up :( Seriously, I think I had those glasses, only mine were maroon. LOVE the shots. The 80's ruled!

Jess said...

Awesome post! Love the tiaras! (And I'm pretty sure we all looked like that in the 80's)

Marisa Hopkins said...

Oh man, I loved this. I think you would have wowed him - you looked perfect for the era! Also, I never had a perm, but I always wanted one, so I, for one, am jealous :)

Fun way to enjoy the wedding! I recorded it... but then my DVR didn't end up working. LAME.

Christopher And Tia said...

How cute are you!? Tiaras and apple juice in tea cups?! Way more exciting than anything we did this morning, haha.

Also, teenage you has THE BEST glasses.

Emily said...

Oh yes I agree - those glasses are spectacular.

You're tea party sounds like a lovely way to both start the day and enjoy a wedding. Awesome.

MaryMary said...

That's hysterical...and fun. Those glasses are very Sally Jesse.

Shelle said...

lol...i was there when i was 15 too! i had a blast...and to think i didn't want to go! good to be back :) cusoon!