Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Virtual tea with my virtual friends...

Good morning!

I'm sitting here waiting for my tea water to boil, but as soon as it's ready, I'll offer you a cup.

Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate my virtual friends?
You guys are awesome!

The weather is beautiful... amazing really.
If this computer were a laptop, I'd be blogging from my back deck.
This past Friday it was cold and rainy and we had to turn on the heat,
On Sunday it was 85 and humid and we needed the AC.
so confused...

Who knows what the future will hold, but I'm pretty sure that winter has given way to Spring 
and maybe Spring is starting to turn to summer.

Not that I'm all that anxious for the crazy hot and humid weather...
At this moment, my two high schoolers are sitting in the hallway of their school waiting for classes to begin
and the two younger ones are still in their beds sound asleep.
One of the many benefits of homeschooling.

I like having this quiet time in the morning to catch up on blogs and drink my tea.
Which is ready by the way... want some?

Now that Spring break and Easter is over, it's time to get back to normal.
Only two more months of school left and only three months until we hit the road.

It's time to start sorting through all this stuff and deciding what goes to goodwill.  
My kids want to have a yard sale, but that sounds like a lot of work for very little money.

Guess I should go take this tea outside and start making lists of things that need to get done.
If I don't write it down, it might not happen.

Because my mind is like a sieve and I forget everything!

Maybe I should blog my list so that you all can help remind me.
Maybe not...


Have a wonderful day today!
Love ya all!



LauraX said...

I'm about to enjoy my first cup this morning too. Your photos are gorgeous!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I love my tea and blogging too. Good luck on your list. I need to make lists too.

Anonymous said...

I'm a list maker,too. I just went to make coffee to start my morning and we're out! I knew I should have put that on yesterdays list. Have a good day.

SKC said...

Beautiful images. I am an evening blogger. Since I do a morning walk I never have time in the morning to catch up on blogs. I love tea too.

Alita said...

Look at those big fat leafs. We still don't have any. Can I move to Virgina? I'm hating Michigan right now. It is too damn (oops) cold :( Things are barely budding, but the grass is green from all the cold rain.

Uh-oh I'm hijack complaining on your blog. So be sure to know that if we were really having tea (I like it strongly brewed, unsweetened) I would be whining in person, too.

Good luck with your list chica! :)))

AlyGatr said...

I just love shooting backlit leaves :) They get all glowy...beautiful! Hit the road...where you going? Can you make mine a Chai Latte?

~Rosanne said...

Thanks for coffee/tea. I love the lilacs but don't have a lilac bush.

Enjoy your day!

Moomser said...

I wish my photos came out that well! Thanks for tea!

Brooke said...

Loving those lush green leafy shots. And the sun shining through, of course. I will take it since the sun has been sparse this week in these parts.
I am sending you lots of virtual hugs and the strength and organizational skills to tackle the work that awaits you. I am exhausted just thinking about your move. Hang in there!