Saturday, May 14, 2011

A beautiful week...

Okay, well, other than the whole blogger snafu, 
this week has been quite good.

Beautiful weather and lots of outdoor activities = awesome.

Saturday, May 7th:  Kevin and Natalie are off to the prom in full Hollywood style. 

Sunday, May 8 Mother's Day:  The kids took me out to dinner at the local Mexican restaurant and they let me pay!  Aren't they sweet?  I gave myself a present and didn't take any pictures.  I just relaxed and soaked it all in.  But I handed the phone to Quincy and said "take a picture of that for me", and she did, and I did the quick edit using instagram, and I'm happy.  ;)

Monday, May 9:  Another one of those "Quick!  Take a picture!" days.  So I did.

Tuesday, May 10:  The kids and I discovered some nice hiking trails nearby.  We went there three days in a row, they enjoyed it so much.

Wednesday, May 11:  Lily pads.  Not my favorite shot, but the best of the five that I took that day, so here it is.

Thursday, May 12:  Hiking... biking... did I mention that the weather was perfect this week?

Friday, May 13 Nope!
Thursday, May 12, part two:  True confessions... I didn't take a single picture on Friday.  And I didn't even realize it until 11pm at which point I could either take some lame photo of my computer keyboard (I've done it before) or just accept the photo-less day.  I chose option #2.
Besides... I had more than one fun photo from the day before that seemed worth sharing.
(This was taken with my cell phone using the hipstamatic app.)

How was your week?


Grammie/Mom said...

The hiking looks very quiet and peaceful. I should have been there!

Your movie stars are quite the couple!!

Jess said...

How to describe the couple? Gorgeous, handsome, stunning... Hollywood? YES! (all of the above)

SKC said...

Just love the second to the last shot. It is so very retro.

Leslie said...

these pictures are great. i love the one of Kevin and Natalie!!!! she looks stunning and please tell her i said so. i wish we had you to be outdoors with this week....our weather was cooler than yours i think but still wonderful.

Jientje said...

A beautiful week indeed! I love the photo of Natalie and Kevin, they look like movie stars! Quick, take a picture seems to work for you, I love those!

MaryMary said...

Gorgeous shot of Kevin and Natalie! And the pic of Julia on her bike made me think she was child of the 70s. How fun!

Alita said...

Yes, old hollywood. What a picture perfect couple.

The last picture is my favorite, and give yourself a break. It is so incredibly hard to take a picture. every. single. day!


terri browne said...

What a beautiful prom dress! Love the sparkles. I also love the picture of Julia on her bike, especially the way the style of the bike fits in with the feel of the picture. Very cool!

Brooke said...

I love the prom pic ... They look so happy! Also love your fill in shot for Friday.... It certainly makes up for missing a day!

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

I can't even tell you how gorgeous Monday's photo is! Off the charts! Wonderful. :D (Now off to watch Glee!)