Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The World Trade Center site

It's a good thing I took so many pictures of our trip to NYC
since I've been so busy getting ready for our move that I haven't been taking any pictures at all.
So much for that 365 project...

But I have been wanting to share these pictures with you.

It's been nearly ten years since the city's skyline changed dramatically.
And I haven't been back to lower Manhattan since then.
Dan and I decided to walk down to the WTC site to see what was happening there.
As we were walking down one of the side streets toward the site,
Dan and Kevin were trying to remember just what the final plans were for the new buildings.
How many buildings did they decide on?
What will the memorial look like?

We had all seen a tv show with various plans, but couldn't remember which one had been decided on.

As we were discussing this,
We hear a man say, "There'll be five buildings."

We turned to look and see who was talking and saw this guy,
all dressed in his construction gear and looking like he might know what he's talking about.

Normally, I don't have conversations with random people on the street, 
but this was a moment in which I needed to let down my guard and listen.

He told us where he was on the day.
(Toronto... he was supposed to be flying home that day.)

He talked about how his company was involved in picking up the pieces of the buildings.

He pulled out his camera and showed us an aerial picture of the site.

He pointed out each crane and told us how big they were and which building they were working on.

"The red one is working on building 2 and the white one is for building 3..."
"That's an 860 ton crane there."

I have to admit that the construction jargon went over my head a bit, 
but it was interesting to get the "inside scoop."

Ten years is a long time, but not so long that we've forgotten.
It's still really vivid and real for me and Dan and this stranger that we met on the street.

We didn't necessarily discuss our emotions, but as we talked about cranes and pickers and being stuck in Toronto, the shadows of these emotions flitted across our faces.

For the kids, it was a history lesson.
They were little or not even born when this happened.

That kind of blows my mind.


Ashley Sisk said...

I haven't been up to NYC since they were starting the ground work for these buildings. How cool that you ran into one of the site guys.

koreen said...

It's unreal. I had no idea of what was going to go up there. I haven't been following it on tv....

Alita said...

That is exactly the person you were meant to "bump" into on that day. And no, we could never forget that day, eh? 10 years almost... wow.

Jess said...

I can feel the weight of the conversation as you describe it. There is really something to connecting with people, talking about something with out REALLY talking about it... Thanks for this peek. I've never been to NYC.

AlyGatr said...

Incredible. I still have the pictures of the twin towers we took back when I was 11 and whenever I pull them out it's hard to fathom they aren't there anymore. My sister and her best friend went on a "Liberty tour" within a year or two of 9/11 but I myself haven't been back. How cool to hear those plans and his story first hand.

T.J. said...

I haven't been to that part of the city since then either. It must have been emotionally intense to stand there and look and listen. You picked a good stranger to become friends with ;)

Susan said...

Wow, I can't believe it's been 10 years already. Can't believe how young your kids are either! That really puts it into perspective.

Love the reflections shot. I'm glad that you were able to run into someone who could shed some light on what was going on, and that you were able to pass it along to us.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Wow. It has been a long time. It is weird to think my kids were not around then.

Linda R. said...

I know exactly were I was when I heard about the towers falling. I really could not believe it. I still can't.. I have never been to NYC. It is definitely on my bucket list.. Your photos look wonderful.