Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quacker's Adventures Part 1

One time, on my adventure, I met a man named Beethoven. He frowned a whole lot, but I liked him anyways.

In this very rose field (with some blue flowers too), I found this big, huge rose. It was really pretty and it had this nice red color.

I hope you enjoyed Quackers adventure.



Dan said...

It is such an honor to have the endorsement and friendship of Quackers and the entire Webkins Nation. Quackers is an American Patriot and a beacon of hope in a dangerous and uncertain world. I know this will set me apart from lesser composers like Mozart or Handel or Don Music. Those guys can only wish they were me...I'm the real deal.
-- Ludwig Von Beethoven

Grammie/Mom said...

How do you do Quackers. so nice to make your acquaintance. We'd like to hear more about you. How about it Julia?

(dan, we think you might be a bit quackers yourself!)