Sunday, May 25, 2008

Renaissance Fair

Now that the school year is nearly over, it seems like every teacher is trying to fit in one last field trip or big project. This "Renaissance Fair" presentation was one of the bigger and more complicated ones and boy! are we glad to be done with it! Since the kids were working with another student, the most difficult aspect of it was just finding the time for them to work together. They needed to have a presentation, a poster board and a 3-D representation of their topic.
Grant and Tre decided on Secular Music in the Renaissance. They made a paper mache lute and Grant played Greensleeves on the piano as part of his presentation.
Quincy and Tiffany's project was on the art of Leonardo da Vinci. Tiffany dressed up as the man himself and Quincy was the Mona Lisa. Their 3-D presentations were paintings of Julia done in the style of da Vinci since they just couldn't quite reproduce one of his actual paintings. (These are technically only 2-D, but I think they won't get marked down for that.)


Leslie said...

those are beautiful paintings that you and your friend did Q. I wish i could have heard the Greensleeves Grant. Looks like you guys did a great job

Grammie/Mom said...

Wow!! I see a lot of hard work kids. Grant, I bet hearing you play the piano was a special treat for everyone there. Quincy, which picture of Julia did you paint?

margie said...

Wow, you guys are amazing! These are such great projects! Quincy,Grant---keep up the good work! Grandma sander